April 26, 2010

Awww Vs. Pathetic

This is my newest comparison post series called "Awww Vs. Pathetic"

I'll compare two anime crushes, one heartwarming, another straight pathetic.
For inspiration, for reference, and most importantly for laughs.

Awww: Risa and Otani

The lovely complex stars, Risa and Otani, were once rivals and once the class clowns because of their contrasting height. Since they've become so close they've developed feelings for each other but have alot of difficulty revealing them to each other. They're really cute <3

Pathetic: Kondou and Otae

Kondou is the leader of the Shinsegumi police force in Gintama. Once upon a time a depressed Kondou went to the host club to seek some cheering up. His host, Otae, kindly said to him that she would marry someone like him (even though he's hairy) and the next was history. He's been her number one stalker ever since. INSTEAD of using tact and grace to persue her, he's resorted to hiding outside her house to get close to her and popping up wherever she happens to be. Dude don't come on too strong!

Hope you liked my first installment of "Awww Vs. Pathetic"!

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