February 24, 2010

Power Stone Good Luck Charm!

Strapyaworld is a cool website that sells alot of cool gizmos, mainly cell phone charms. Cell phone charms are a big part of Japanese culture as the cell phone is a common utility in Japan. Cell phone charms represent the personality and hopes of the cell phone user.

The above photo is of a version of the power stone good luck charm titled, and I paraphrase, Keeps Good Relationship with Others.

Certain natural stones are theorized to be imbued with the power of the Earth and different stones have different qualities that can enhance one's aura. Sources have attested that carrying a natural stone on your person can enhance one's natural energies. But the question is, is it true?

I bought that one pictured in the fall of 2009 and it has since broke :(
But when I had it I think that there was some serious luck in it! When I had gotten it I attached it to my cell phone. People I hadn't talked to in months had texted me within a week of attaching it to my cell. Also, people that I just met took more of an interest in me when I talked to them through the phone. I even think it helped me with my interpersonal relationships when I carried my phone. Whenever I fiddled with the charm, I felt more confident and sometimes people would text me when I was fiddling with it.

All of that was not fabricated. It may be coincidence but it was not fabricated. And according to XXXHolic's Yuko, there is no such thing as coincidences. Regardless of your beliefs take a look at these charms and if you think you need luck pick one out and see for yourself, they are around seven dollars plus shipping! See you next time!

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