November 12, 2021

Best Anime Shifting Realities Subliminals on Youtube


Shifting realities is when you enter a state of consciousness where you have felt that you entered another world. Most people shift realities before falling asleep or before or after a nap. Some people can shift realities by meditation and mindful relaxation. Once I shifted realities and I didn't plan it beforehand. I felt like I was talking with and fighting a character like Birdy the Mighty. Another time I had a dream that I replaced Inuyasha as Kagome's partner. Those experiences felt so real, I didn't want to go back to my regular reality. Well, to make shifting realities easier and more conscious we compiled three subliminal tracks from Youtube that will speed up the process. Listen to the subliminals when you are tired or want the sound to wash over you. Before you know it, you'll be shifting reality to your favorite anime world!


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