April 26, 2016

Tropes Turned Real

For popular anime/tv tropes that need some realistic pzazz

"I can do anything, better than you"
Ergggh, Gary wanted Bulbasaur!!! ...but didn't get one.
Such a trope, invites the watcher to put themselves in the shoes of an extremely jealous rival or enemy. And, that means you're always in the middle of a bad argument with a immature hyper childlike person...

"I can't do anything right"
Not Nagisa, ...Tomoya
When the main character bemoans and wails over an imagined lack of ability or reality that they are the best. They sure said it correctly. Then again, it's pretty sad when they doubt themselves in the midst of worse characters.

"Back to back, the 100 to 2 fight"
Seen in various shounen anime like Rurouni Kenshin and Yu Yu Hakusho. Also, seen in school age kids at recess and also around bedtime when its time to turn off the lights. Go to sleep kid...

"Normal, average friendly royal elite"
Genkai isn't really elite, but she is super strong and nice once she knows Yusuke...
Seen in various types of anime... Where the most popular, most elite, most upper class persona is actually a friendly person. ...Where you see friends, they see friends too!

That's all, now get off my porch you darn' kids!

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