November 25, 2015

Shounen Hero Diaries pt 5: Speculation

That was so long ago, maybe before summer vacation. Those things really make you think. So I trained as hard as I could and entered a battle royal run by a self-proclaimed, "Circus-Villainy Act" that goes by the name, "Dissent". It seemed like some kind of joke and a fun summer wasted. Most of all of the candidates at the arena were either muscular golems or boyish kids my age, all guys.

They sneered at me and leered at me. The boys sneered and the muscle-heads kept looking at me funny like their necks were loose. I waved at them all.

Before the event opened we all had to go into a virtual sim and get our "specs" read. As soon as I put on the thing, I was in a fight with an alien. So I just used the buster whatever that "The Kiran" taught me and it was over... And then I was kicked out of the tournament, by the manager-dude.

"We can't have people here, like you, that can hurt my feelings" The manager said.

He was this really old guy, I think his name was Mr. Rane. But he gave me a copy of my specs data... and cried profusely.

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