May 18, 2015

Japan Day 2015 in Central Park, NYC Review!

Japan Day NYC 2015 IN Central Park!!
A picture-by-picture retelling of an awesome Otaku Event, by chansu :P

Better than some sushi that my friend bought with his loads of money (while I just ate a smaller roll for less money) 
#sushimoney #otakuswagger #biginjapan

Oh beautiful Central Park. New York's finest slice of nature and good times in good weather. That is, especially when the biggest Japan culture event hosted by some awesome people comes to town! That's right, chansu, along with a couple random friends, visited Japan Day 2015, with hopes of seeing some cool cosplays, cool concerts, and cool tent activities!

The Japan Day map, in all it's splendor. No loss of Hello Kitty tens, face painting, traditional Japanese games, and the main studio area, with entertainment up the wazoo!

Among the cool tents were the Charity tent, where they sold newly made Japan Day T-shirts to support the cause of celebrating Japanese culture, and Yo-yo tent which isn't your traditional Yo-yo -- it's a Japanese water balloon attached to an elastic string. Unforunately I didn't have the patience to win one!

Among the performances were amazing Taiko drumming by Soh Daiko, Japanese folkdance, sword fighting, and karate demonstrations. and more. Above, you can see a Live Painting Performance by Takeshi Sato. I wonder what he's painting? :)

The main attraction was of course...

Among the AKB48 attendees were Saho Iwatate, Rina Hirata, Haruna Kojima, Tomu Muto, Rena Nozawa, and Ryoka Oshima. I gotta say, they were pretty kawaii and adorable, and they sung one of my favorite songs: Heavy Rotation!! If you are a AKB0048 fan, you definitely missed out! Be sure to come next year so you don't miss out!!

In the end, it was an awesome time to see people (and animals!) enjoy their normal time at Central Park, with a little Japanese flair to it. Picture of dogs abound (Shiba inu above! Such cute, much fluff, wowee), it was truly a beautiful day to enjoy Japanese culture.

One thing that was pretty bothersome -- the crowds. Who wants to be surrounded by a bunch of random people on a hot day? Well, this was even more than a bunch. I enjoyed my time at Japan Day, but they should have a second stage with a larger audience capacity, and some seating. Like they did at the Japan Days of yore...

Anyway I hope you enjoyed my review of Japan Day 2015, and the pictures that go along with it! Stay tuned on our blog for more Otaku goodness, including some commentary on a specific genre of gaming activity... :)


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