March 17, 2015

Adventure Second Prime / Limit Universe T-Shirt Campaign!

Hello Fellow Otaku! We at Otaku Reviewers are trying to bring attention to our T-shirt campaign for our original story! Before I explain, here's the link to our storefront, where you can pick up a shirt and support our cause. There's a 20 day time limit so grab a shirt while you can!


The Otaku Reviewers are many things. They're bloggers, they're gamer and anime junkies, they are Let's Players, they go to Conventions and listen to all kind of Japanese music! But that's not all.

The Otaku Reviewers are content creators. Fervent passion for anime and Japanese culture transformed into the desire to reach our dreams, much like Bakuman, part of Otaku Reviewers is a duo called Chansu Hiro, a writer/artist team that aspires to spread our storylines across the world. What stories do you ask? Wait what, you didn't ask? Too bad!

Adventure Second Prime is our flagship story, taking place in Limit City. It is about Emery Acer, and average high school senior whose life is turned upside down when he finally finds the courage to break free of high school cliques and societal norms and chase his dream of being a true Hero. He sets out and gathers a varied bunch of students and creates the Adventure Club, searching for exciting ventures and bad guys to face. But little does Emery know that his team will face real dangers outside of their school-time drama, dangers that lay close to Emery's heart and haunt his past...

Limit Universe is our webcomic that takes place in the Adventure Second Prime world, linking together various stories from different timelines and locations into one... well... Universe! Chivalry $ Heroine is a story about Joeseph Hearty, and average high school boy who doesn't want to embark on your average relationship with compromises and faults. He dreams of a day when he can be a girls Knight in Shining Armor, chivalrous and brave. As he interacts with the casts of different stories in the Limit Universe, he finds his chance to save the girl he loves, but at a surprising cost...

Currently we have three t-shirt campaigns, featuring Emery Acer, Orion, and the mysterious symbol of Celestial Promise. Check them out! If you feel like turning your ordinary life into an anime-inspired adventure, purchase a shirt and represent! The Otaku Reviewers would thank you kindly for your patronage :)


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