February 3, 2015

No New Sword Art Online III Anime?!

Don't kill me for false advertising just yet. Hey wait, look where Yui is? Yeah. That's right.

Okay, so it's not written in stone that there won't be a Sword Art Online III anime, but there has been no news on the topic. To be more specific, there was a certain Sword Art Online Sing All Overtures concert at the Yokohama National Convention Hall, and along with it there was NO NEWS for a new SAO anime adaptation, or anything of that sort!!

For those of you that don't know much about the anime world, Sword Art Online is a story series about a boy named Kirigaya Kazuto who goes by the username Kirito, and his adventures in various VRMMORPGs. The most famous of which is chronicled in the first SAO anime adaptation, where he and other hardcore gamers are trapped in a virtual reality gaming headset working to clear the game and battle for survival, because death in-game meant death in real life

Sinon, the main female protagonist of Phantom Bullet. And the cast of SAO all together!

Sword Art Online became one of the most popular anime of 2012 when it released due to its perfect blend of high-adrenaline action, high fantasy and high tech fusion, survival game aspects, and combination of harem and drama story elements. Go to any Top 10 anime list. You are bound to see Sword Art Online among its ranks.

Asuna, Kirito's love interest, flies the skies of Elfheim with her rival in love, Leafa, who happens to be Kirito's cousin. Got it?

But then, why no SAO III? It may be because the story-lines of future light novels (from which the actual story content originates) does not hold such a high-stakes survival aspect as the original Aincrad story arc. Hey, I might be wrong. The fans really love SAO, and SAO II the adaptation of Phantom Bullet, Calibur, and Mother's Rosario (which are relatively more light hearted, but still high-stakes, exciting stories). Maybe with enough cult fan backlash, we may hear news of SAO III yet?

Cross your fingers, loyal otaku!! We know Asuna and Kirito are!


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