October 1, 2012

A Few Things About What it Means to Be an Otaku

Otaku, a term that originated in Japan. At first the term was used to refer to someone who had an abnormally high obsession with anime, manga, Japanese idol stars, or jpop. The term has been through it's share of controversy, just like any other controversial term for people. Now otaku is a great thing to be, especially if you're into Japanese the great arts like anime and manga. Also, there are some things that set otaku apart from normal fandom and even normal people.

I'd like to talk about these things, in light of NYAF's last year at comiccon and also because I feel they are important for readers of our blog.

I've realized a few things about what it means to be an Otaku or someone who is very passionate about anime or manga.

1. Otaku don't follow conventional rules. If you're looking for otaku to be happy with the rules of society, keep looking. Many otaku won't vote this year, because both candidates are boring among other reasons. Many otaku work regular jobs but it doesn't really matter, because we know that the best part of the day revolves around anime or J-music. We don't follow rules for the sake of the system but for the sake of ourselves and the anime we love so much!

2. Otaku can't be depended upon to fit stereotypes. Oftentimes you'll find otaku guys dressed as anime girls or girls dressed as guys. We'll watch anime about masochists who just seem to fit in with sadists, lolicons, and gays (Such as the anime MM!). We watch anime that makes light of racism and classism by punching a one-percenter in the face (Such as the anime One Piece). We can't be depended upon to satisfy society's will because like an anime character would say, "Break through it!".

3. Otaku and American comics don't mix. NY Comiccon had merged with NY Anime Festival a few years back. Now they're getting rid of NYAF! You can't merge with anime and throw it away! You can't throw away otaku! If there's anything of note, it's that another anime convention will take it's place or NY will forever be at a loss toward Otaku. Sure superman is great but all otaku know Goku would kick his butt!

Enjoy! ~

Share what it means to be an otaku in the comments section below!

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