December 25, 2011

Otaku Reviewers Christmas Redux!

[Touhou x Lucky Star art-style Christmas party = EPIC WIN! Merry Christmas!]

It's December 25th, Christmas Day! Are you feeling in the holiday spirit? Have you had your fill of jolly fat men in red, and evergreens covered in tinsel and accouterments? Are you having a good time, but not that good time you were hoping for this Christmas? Well, it's obvious where your jingle jangle festivities are lacking... in the Otaku department of course!!

Click below for some vids, pics, and snippets of Christmas goodies that will force the Otaku in you to rejoice!

Mame Shiba Christmas!

Anyway... remember our glorious Touhou Santa Contest of last year? Well believe it or not (Believe it!) there are many other formidable Santas out there!! Here's a kawaii santa line up that would give even gensokyo's strongest a run for her (probably frozen) money (click on any picture to scroll through gallery!):


In this next video, Miku takes on a unique part-time job... as Santa's helper? It sounds like something from a certain classic Charlie Brown holiday cartoon, but is much cuter! But I think Miku misunderstands the role of a reindeer somewhat...

Hatsune Miku - I've got a Part-time Job on Christmas

That's all folks! The Otaku Reviewers wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!


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