November 30, 2011

L'arc en Ciel Anniversary Film One Time Event Review!

L'arc en Ciel is back and they're going on tour for their 20th anniversary. Their worldwide tour started in Japan at Ajinomoto Stadium. Yes, they are coming to the United States later next year.

They're going to perform in NYC!!!!!!!!!
 WORLD TOUR|20th L'Anniversary L'Arc-en-Ciel WORLD TOUR 2012

So I won this contest with animenewsnetwork and go free tickets to see the 20th anniversary kickoff at Ajinomoto Stadium live. I saw it at Empire 25 right in NYC.

Stay Tuned for the World Tour!
You'd think they'd treat me like a contest winner?! It was basically like I won the experience of sneaking into a city movie theatre... But the concert film was pretty cool. It wasn't truly live, it was more like it was filmed on the 29th in Japan and shown in the USA on the 29th. So it's almost like it was live right? It took place at technically the same time and day. That's better than Justin Beiber does when he shows his concert movies in films.

Ever wonder why L'arc en ciel concerts are packed in Japan? Seriously there must have been almost a hundred thousand people there! (at their concert in Japan) Or more!

I only knew a few of the songs they chose for the film. Blurry Eyes, Niji, Ready Steady Go!, and Link
I was disappointed they didn't choose Fourth Avenue Cafe (U.U)p

That was probably done on purpose because there IS going to be a world tour, hitting NYC in March!!! (or April)

Here's some footage of the footage! The sound isn't that great but they're performing Ready Steady Go!

Anyway, L'arc en Ciel is my favorite band from Japan!
I continue to buy their singles on itunes!
Yes they're on itunes in America!

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