September 9, 2011

Anime Review: Level E

Most of you are probably saying: "It's about darn time!"
And I'm saying it too. So without further ado, we will start to review anime instead of just recommending anime.

Reviewing is a tough game because, review too much and the good parts of the show are spoiled and review too little and no one knows what the heck your talking about. Reviewing too little can almost be like a Judge in a cooking anime... very vague... "This has so much flavor, and the texture is very rich, but the aroma!..."
They can make it work but we can't...

So I'm going to set up a review system. When you watch an anime there are certain things that we all look for. They are as follows: Character Development, Artistic Appeal, Opening and Ending Originality and Interestingness, and Plot Complexity. These are our FOUR anime judging qualities and by reviewing this way we can avoid spoilers, I think. So let's begin!


Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Horror, Science fiction
Level E is about the prince of a planet called Dogura who comes to Earth to keep from being bored on his home planet. His name is Ki El Dogura but his nickname given to those who know him is Baka because he likes to play pranks to keep from being bored. Ki El Dogura is a genius and possesses one of the highest intelligences in the Universe. This show is about the various people he "influences" both from Earth and from other planets. This show is also about the prince's three bodyguards who serve as comic relief throughout the show.
 The Prince of Dogura is the main character

Character Development
Character development is low in Level E because the series is only 13 episodes long and is broken up into three mini-arcs about different people that the prince influences to pass the time. Some reviewers have said that they would like to see more of one character or another. I think the story would have been better if it was longer so each of the arcs could have more character development. 
Yukitka, the baseball jock that many people wanted to see more of in Level E. Was it because he acted a lot like Yusuke Urameshi from Yu Yu Hakusho?

Artistic Appeal
The artistic appeal of this show is good, it could be better to compare with other anime. The style of animation is a bit like a new Yu Yu Hakusho. Some scenes are aesthetic such as the depictions of space from Earth. 

Opening and Ending Originality and Interestingness
The opening and ending themes are both interesting. They are not that generic type of anime opening. I think the ending is better than the opening, that's just because I like male J-rock bands better. Check it out for yourself!

Level E Opening
Cold Finger Girl by Chiaki Kuriyama

Level E Ending
Yume Mugen No Kanata by Vivid
Sorry there's no ending theme on youtube...

Plot Complexity
How many times does the plot "get good" before the end of the series basically. Since the show has four mini arcs, each one has a suspenseful twist. This makes me recommend this show. But since it has four mini arcs you don't know much about the characters by the end. The message the show gives off is that aliens are just like us, they're no more good or evil than we are (well people in Japan).


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