May 17, 2011

How far is too far? Otaku obsession

Are otaku obsessions are always taking things alittle too far?

Otaku and his newlywed ^^

You all remember when an otaku in Japan married virtual life game character, Nene Anegasaki. He was in his tuxedo and I guess Nene was in her DS world in a wedding dress...

Otaku have married character pillows before also. Yes they married an extra long pillow with a picture of a character girl on it. If I did that, I would be jealous of the man who married Ms. Anegasaki, at least she can be interacted with through the DS. He can probably also beg the video game company to include more features and emotions.

The question is, are these obsessions and love stories taking things too far?

I don't know. While regular people dream about their boyfriends or girlfriends I had dreams about Taiga Aisaka from Toradora and Kagome from Inuyasha. Actual dreams occuring at night where I was their boyfriend. Obviously Inuyasha and Ryuuji would kick my ass if they found out. If I can have infatuation dreams about those anime girls then maybe otaku obsessions are not so bad.

But it would be a little better for me to find a girl like Taiga or Kagome and not go out with a character pillow just yet... However since "ask and tell" has been repealed I would be able to share some hot love stories if I go into the army. ^^ (lol)

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