February 21, 2011

Video Game Science!!!

Have you ever wondered about the science of Video Games?! Well I will provide my masters degree level knowledge on how Video Games affect us!

1. Did you know? Video games can become an addiction
 Studies have shown that hardcore gamers are addicted! Games like Grand Theft Auto are so interactive and interesting that they stimulate the same parts of the brain that get people hooked on drugs. Yes, the rush of running that guy over is just like the real thing but you're not going to jail!

I'm willing to look the other way if Eroges are legalized in the USA. ^.^

2. Did you know? Video games can cure people
Studies have shown that people who have had surgery feel much less pain and recover faster when they play video games. Fast paced games that make people think are the panacea. Games like tetris and DDR (obviously using the controller) can get people's minds off their own problems, even so much that that serious pain doesn't feel so bad... Video games even shorten recovery times for people who play them. Now the only problem is sneaking that DS past the nurse O.o

3. Did you know? Video games can make you smarter
I know I put the picture for need for speed up but that is only one type of game that can improve reaction time, hand-eye coordination, and increase working memory. That's right scientist's have found that memory and coordination increase when playing fast paced games. Any game like Need for Speed, Smash bro's, GTA, or tetris can increase those things...

Yes, video games will improve your reaction time in a real driver's seat. Now you just have to stop being nervious *.*

So next time your momma wants you to stop playing the video games... scroll past number one and show her the data I've found for you!!! Remember scroll past number one O_O

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