January 19, 2011

"Perfect" Cherry Blossom Trio! [SUPER Touhou Character Profile!] {Part 3}

Yakumo Yukari

Aww look at that! It's your new little puppy dog. Let's just call him Woofers. He's so adorable, look how sleepy that little doggy is! Don't you just want to pet him? You and Woofers will always be together, no matter what happens! Best friends for life!

But wait, what the heck!? What's wrong with Woofers!? I t ... it looks like he just grew some new "appendages".... poor Woofers!

[Woofers... Before and after.]

That, technically, is Yukari's power. Don't get it? That's the point. Yukari, along with being one of the most mysterious and feared youkai of all existence, is arguably the most powerful being in Gensokyo. And you just upset her shikigami. Are you dumb or what?

Yukari is seen with her favorite parasol, and pinkish-purple dress. She has long blonde hair and purple eyes. A beauty saved for those who forfeit their lives.

You say you want to know more about her power? Fine, you were better off not knowing...

She has the ability to manipulate boundaries.

Huh, you're not impressed? Let's put it this way: what do YOU know of that doesn't have any boundaries or borders? Without boundaries, cups wouldn't be able to hold water, heck, water and air would just mix.

And what would that be? Nothing, that's what.

There would just be NO air and NO water. It would be something new. Something I'd rather not put in my body.

Without boundaries, everything we know would just merge into one gigantic blob of nothingness. And Yukari has flawless control over every boundary imaginable. Without even discussing conceptual boundaries, you should be able to tell how powerful Yukari is.

And along with that, she has ageless wisdom and experience. Her age is AT LEAST 1200 years old. And what does she choose to do with all her time? Sleep. Yes, she's nothing but a lazy youkai. Even though she has the great responsibility of watching over Gensokyo, she just slacks off and has Ran do all the work in her stead.

I know what you're asking. You're still upset about Woofers, aren't you? "Even if she can control boundaries, how could her power do something like THAT?!" you ask. Well, she also has the power to "slip through" gaps in space, going anywhere imaginable. She can move any part of her body to anywhere! She can steal your lunch from right under your nose with one hand while clipping her toenails with another, all while enjoying the view from Mt. Everest in the comfort of her home. And although she can take anything through a gap, no living thing can pass through her gaps unless she herself wills it.

[Gaps usually appear as holes in space, pinned on either side by ribbons.]

I could bore you with the history of Gensokyo, but by now you're probably dying with interest and will find it on your own. And yet you still complain that you don't know what gives Yukari the right to mutate your puppy!? Let's just say this: the power to manipulate boundaries, in essence, creates and/or denies existence. In fact, Gensokyo itself is speculated to be nothing but a plaything to her, created when she messed with the boundary between "real" and "imaginary" (note: "Gensokyo" literally means Land of Illusions). Since Gensokyo was created by placing a boundary between reality and fantasy, Yukari could do away with such a place as "Gensokyo" with the wave of a hand.

[There's a dramatization of the creation of Gensokyo in there! Did you spot it?]

Of course, you have no chance against such a being. She does battle in a relaxed position; always holding back her true power for fun. She hasn't a single weakness for you to take advantage of. And heck, youkai have to kill one or two humans every now and then to keep their reflexes sharp, right? It just turns out that you're one of them.

The only person speculated to have control over the youkai of boundaries is the maiden of the Hakurei Shrine, Reimu. Her abilities have close ties to the border of Gensokyo as well, making her equally as important as Yukari.

As you can imagine, the trio of youkai (Chen, Ran, Yukari) get along very well together...

...But I still wouldn't pick a fight with them!

I hope you enjoyed our Super Touhou Character Profile!


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