January 16, 2011

Otaku Helping Others! Part Eight!

Today's "Otaku Helping Others" post is about:
Friendly Fighting!!!

I've noticed in anime and manga something that seems alittle bit wierd to me.

"Oh they get along well enough to fight", That's what you usually hear when two main characters and allies get into arguments and fights over who's better or cooler.

You might have wondered that yourself as an anime fan....

What does this mean?

I'll explain through my expert knowledge:
When two main characters usually guys fight and argue, though they're fighting pretty hard they're not fighting for any reason or goal. They might say they want to see who's stronger but they don't want to prove anything in the end. They just enjoy each other's company enough to express it in fighting.

This is different from a rival!!
Two rivals fight because the sole purpose is best each other. That is the ONLY purpose of a rivalry. 

Sasuke and Naruto became rivals but their relationship has become different from a rival, in appearances.

What is different from a rival?

An evil fluffer-sucker who just wants to advance some evil goal or evil desire. Keyword: Evil

Well that's a spoiler but here...

Evil fluffer-sucker -------------------------------->

Krillin is one tough man to fight Frieza.
Frieza is evil... That's where Goku comes in and becomes Super Saiyan, blonde hair, high power... But that's not the goal of this post.

Back to my spiel... When two friends fight for no reason or just argue with each other, they have no real goal in it. They're just passing time...

It's harder in real life to tell this and easy at the same time.
If your friends lightheartedly joke with you (about you) or you might have random fights that's not so bad as long as it doesn't progress to RIVALRY or EVIL FLUFFER-SUCKER.

So enjoy the lighthearted jokes and random punches with friends... As long as your returning them!
And not all friends have to fight, if you're properly watching....

This is RPGHero signing out!

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