November 29, 2010

Otaku Helping Others! Part 5

Hey all! RPGHero here!
I usually don't make an "Otaku Helping Others!" post until after about a week has passed since the old one. But I had an idea for a new one that I have not written down in my planning.

Today's post is about!
The Aftermath of Being a Loser, Becoming a Winner!

What do I mean you say??

We've all felt it in our lives, that feeling that we're not good enough, that we can't do anything worthwhile, that we're losers. And sometimes before or after that, other people will call us losers and make fun of us... u.u

So what do we do after getting that feeling?

Many of us just want to give up, and we feel hopeless...

But don't give up! If you don't lose your courage and heart, you can become a winner!

 In "Naruto", the main character for which the show is named is an outcast. All of his thirteen or fourteen year old life he's been made fun of, ostracized, and put down by basically everyone in his village. Turned out as a baby the village used his body to seal the horrible monster that ravaged their village and killed many (spoiler free). All his life he was singled out as a born loser because of that. But to Naruto, it seemed like he was just a loser. He didn't know why... He spent many days alone and lonely.

   Well, all I can say is that Naruto worked hard non-stop for years. Naruto didn't back down from any challenge. People continued to reject him until he started to prove that he was important. Now in the new Shippuuden series, everyone remarks about how wrong they were and how screwed they'd be if it weren't for Naruto. Tried to keep it spoiler free.

My next point is gonna be told with an AMV...
This was made by Youtube channel "Newg4teforever".

In those clips from the show, "One Piece", a pirate named Bellamy told Luffy that being a pirate for the reason of searching for dreams and legends is bullshit. Luffy allowed himself to get beat up by the man because he wasn't going to fight a fight against someone who doesn't believe in his way of life. Soon after Bellamy and his crew hurt one of Luffy's friends and that's when he cut loose on those fools... I think the AMV tells it pretty well. The point is DON'T LET PEOPLE TELL YOU WHAT YOU ARE LIVING FOR, WHAT YOU ARE STRUGGLING FOR. Because that is up to you. I'd be like Luffy and not even fight those types of people, they are not worth your time.

There are many examples of this in anime but I think I've shed some light already.

This is for everyone who might be bullied, or hated on, put down, or ostracized. Don't give up because of what other people say. If you follow your dreams, you will be a winner no matter what!!!

And watch One Piece and Naruto for inspiration! Like us!

This is RPGHero signing out!

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