November 13, 2010

Anime Peeps I Care About!

Today's "Anime Peeps I Care About!" is about Katsura Kotaro from Gintama...
 Why do I care about Katsura Kotaro?? Well as you already know my Anime Peeps I Care About post can't be about the main character so that means I can't choose the well rounded wise-ass hero, Gin-san. Therefore I chose his best friend.

Katsura Kotaro is most likely the most chill person in the Gintama world. He may not be the hero or witty like Gin-san but he's also not touchy and uptight like Shinpachi. He's not hooked on love to the point of stupidness, like Kondou-san, poor Kondou-san who stood naked in snow and put onion leeks in his butt because Otae told him to (yes that is a show spoiler). He's not a glutton like Kagura. 

Kondou really is a fool in love...

Who is Katsura Kotaro then?? Katsura Kotaro is a chill person, sometimes he's random, sometimes he's eccentric, sometimes he's serious... He doesn't care about what anyone thinks of him and almost has no attachments except being childhood friends with Gin-san and his subordinates in his anti-meiji-government group.
Katsura running from the meiji era cops with his friend Gin-san... Katsura is just a bit eccentric lol.

Katsura also thinks he can rap...

Katsura also has a pet named Elizabeth...

I think Elizabeth is an old man in a duck suit...

All in all Katsura is a great guy and that's because he simply doesn't care... Anything he does he'll do without being self conscious and that's why in Gintama he's the person I most care about!
He didn't even care about dressing as a girl once... To escape from the government...

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