September 17, 2010

Anime Peeps I Care About!

Finally a post you can depend on regularly from RPGHero!

Today's post is about Bon Clay! (or Bon Kurei)

You might be wondering why I chose Bon Clay from One Piece when everyone in One Piece is basically awesome...

Well I will fill you in. There may be info that you might want to know by watching the show alone but if you can handle summaries then read on! Bon Clay is was formerly known as Mr. 2 in the Organization known as Baroque Works. Baroque Works founder is Crocodile, the notorius villian that proceded to starve a nation for his own greed. Why would someone I care about be allied with the bad guys??

Well when Bon Clay was working for Crocodile he got defeated by Sanji.

After his defeat my man Bon Clay found out the the guys that he fought against were truly good people and he befriended them!

Did I mention that Bon Clay is possibly gay?
His favorite thing to say is "OKAMA WAY" which in Japanese means Gay way. However that's not why I care about him.

Bon Clay is a passionate person and he gives his all to everything he does. His topmost priority is his friends. He'd do anything for a friend in need. I'll give examples.

Soon after befriending Luffy's crew he created a diversion for them to escape from the Navy (One piece is a show about Pirates remember).

When Luffy was poisoned by the Wardern of Impel Down the man who treated Luffy, Ivankov, said that Luffy's chances of living were slim and close to none. He had to be locked in a Dungeon to either die or overcome the poison (with the help of the antidote). Bon Clay waited outside Luffy's door and shouted "GANBARE!" over and over, and over and over. Until he lost his voice, then he kept shouting even more.

In this clip Bon Clay rescues Luffy! This is before Luffy has to be treated...

And finally Bon Clay played his final diversion to allow Luffy to escape from Impel down. He sacrificed himself for Luffy and his Okama Way. Which I don't think he means literally but the way he's chosen to live for his friends!

Though the subtitles are in Spanish, if you skip to 2:58 (Two minutes and fifty eight seconds) in the video you see where Bon Clay was taken out by the Warden, as he had to stay behind for Luffy to escape.

Yes One Piece is full of moments just like these, helping your friends and sacrificing for those you care about... But that's what even makes Bon Clay cooler! He found his own way to be great!

So now I'll leave you with a quote from Bon Clay,
Bon Clay: "One may stray from the path of a man, one may stray from the path of a woman, but there is no straying from the path of a HUMAN! All friends must scatter into the sky of truth, and blossom!, OKAMA WAY! - by Bon Clay. Scatter upon the water's surface and grow where you may, my fellow blossoms."

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