June 12, 2010

The Four Tsundere Wonders

Hello everyone and welcome to my review on the Four Tsundere Wonders!

First off, let me introduce to those who don't know, what "tsundere" actually means!

Tsundere is actually a combination of the words tsuntsun and deredere.
-TsunTsun means "to turn away in disgust"
-DereDere means "to turn lovey-dovey"

Tsundere characters are one of my favorite type of characters. They basically seem to be mean at first and then at moments show their cute soft side. All of these characters are from well-known tsundere-romance animes. An even better reason to group these four together is because they are all voiced by my favorite voice actress--Rie Kugimiya!

Picture analysis:
These are some of the most well known tsundere characters, and personally my favorites.

Characters and their romance struggles:
(Push the buttons for a synopsis! Or just watch the first episodes!)
  • Louise is a wizard from a Royal Family who is said to be a total "zero" in magic. Synopsis:
    Louise accidentally ends up summoning a human instead of a creature during her summoning class in school. Although she pretends that she wants it to remain a Master -> Servant relationship, she slowly gets closer to him. But the problem is... will he ever understand her true feelings?
  • Nagi is a very interesting girl from a very rich family. People often underestimate her because of her age. She's smarter than she looks! Synopsis:
    One day Nagi meets a boy named Hayate and then hires him to be her butler. Although Nagi seems young, will Hayate ever think of her as an object of love?
  • Taiga comes from my current favorite anime, Toradora! Also ranked #1 on RPGHero's moe-list, this character is very delicate emotionally despite her tsuntsun facade. Synopsis:
    Taiga meets a boy named Ryuuji. It turns out that they both like each other's friends at school. As they try to help each other with their relationships, they slowly draw closer and closer to one another. A complicated love-mess is involved. Who deserves true happiness?
  • Shana comes from my second favorite anime, Shakugan no Shana! Synopsis:
    Shana, a flame haze (not human), saves a boy named Yuji who was already dead. As Yuji tries to figure out the unexplained, Shana tries to distance herself from him, but how long can she keep that up?
That's all for today! Thanks for reading! :)



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