May 31, 2010

RPGHero's Super Animazement Summary!!!

Hi everyone! My partner in crime, Chansu, has been posting ardently and passionately over the past few days. I have been having so much fun at the convention that I have either been sleeping or doing convention. Right now I'm going to give my summary and views on the convention, be on the lookout though for Chansu's next post which is gonna be BIG!

I can honestly say that I learned so much about anime and manga and Japanese culture within the past few days that I probably doubled my knowledge in the culture.

I'll start off by saying that the spirit of convention goers is white hot and kind at the same time. As a cosplayer of Usopp there were many people who complimented my costume and asked for my picture. I couldn't believe someone would want to take a picture of my rendition of Usopp! This one guy even asked me as Usopp to sign his shirt, I was so honored and taken back that I forgot to write "Captain Usopp!!" instead of 'Usopp'.

Well there were some people who made fun of my costume but they were much less than the positive people. Most of them were either not in cosplay or in a bad cosplay themselves so it wasn't that bad at all.

Rest assured Chansu or I will post the pictures for the world to see!! Please bear with us!

I also learned about new cultural topics like Kabuki theatre. Kabuki theatre is very symbolic and very meaningful to Japanese culture. Only men can act in it and they usually portray geisha or meiko. Check out a video that was shown to us at the con below!

If you want to see the rest just go to related videos and check them out!

That made me think... How are Japanese people mostly so optimistic as a whole if their religion involves alot of things like demons and rooms in the underworld (not to mention buddhist influence and all the positives that go with it)?? And Americans are pessimistic so much at certain times and places if their most popular religion boosts a ticket to heaven just by believing in the messiah? Well I know there's exceptions to what I just said but if you think about the apologetic, curteous manner of the Japanese and the street behavior in NYC thats what I'm going by. Especially when you bump into someone...

I learned about alot of other things there and saw alot of famous people.

As Usopp I had Kappei Yamaguchi sign my nose! It took alot of courage!

The guy that signed my nose!

I got a Naruto poster autographed by Kazuhiko Inoue, or Kakashi!

I asked Richard Ian Cox a question about Inuyasha!

I saw Toshi Nakamura and other famous Directors and artists!

Pictures and videos will be on the way!!!

There was a dance on both Friday and Saturday. I think Friday's dance was more fun because they played J-pop and J-hip hop along with anime themes as dance versions! Saturday's dance was more like a rave party complete with techno and hardcore moshing! Both dances were crazy fun!

Overall I think Animazement is a great convention and I had alot of great experiences. I recommend signing up for next year's Animazement as the number of goers keep increasing and the greatness of the special guests keeps getting more momentous! They even said you can get the whole weekend next year this time for $35 now as opposed to $50 or $60 dollars later on!

Thank you all for reading!!

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