May 28, 2010

Animazement 2010!!!! Chansu's Review of Day One

Hey guys, chansu here with my first impressions of North Carolina's "Animazement" convention! This was only the preregistration day so there wasn't much to do, but right off the bat I'd like to say I was impressed with the turnout!

RPGHero and Chansu's 4 Day Animazement Journal!
Day 1 - "Pre-con"

So, after a sweaty hot tired 9 hours bus trip in the middle of the night and a little sleep, we were ready to venture into the grand world of Animazement! At first I expected us to be the only people there, mostly because only hardcore people make it to the pre-reg, but I was surprised to see a good amount, nearly 100 people, that showed up. The actual registration line was short and there wasn't much to do, but the excitement was the in the air.

It was a blur! I saw Master Chief, tootsie roll ninja, Maes Hughes (with a photo of little Elicia), Urahara Kisuke, and others in the blink of an eye. Everyone was very talkative, fast moving, and generally high spirited. Nothing like pre-con to get your juices flowing for the main event!

(If it was too fast for you, my excuse for no pictures was that everyone was heading left and right, oh wellz!)

So my group and I walked all around the place looking at different exhibits for a quick second, getting a gist of the convention center. The only panel we sat in for the entire duration was "A Crash Course in Tokusatsu" because I thought it was some kinda food. But silly me, I knew what Tokusatsu was before I even got there! It's, ya know, that thingie with the transforming superheroes....

["Samurai Sentai Shinkenger" Opening Song... yes, it takes a while to get used to this kind of thing...]

Okay to be more specific, Tokusatsu is Kamen Rider and other types of "Japanese Power Ranger" live-action shows that feature flashy transformation (or "HENSHIN!") scenes and baddies that look just like the giant ones in Power rangers. You may be thinking "Hey, I graduated from Power Rangers when I was like, 5, why would I watch any Tokatsu stuff? I love anime, not some live-action rip!" Well, as much as I agree with you dear fellow, Tokusatsu reveals a new dimension of action. I won't go as far as saying that it tops anime and manga, but if you need something new that progresses through a story (albeit cheesy and shallow) fairly quickly, then stuff like Super Sentai is your thing! Trust me!

But don't think you're an otaku if you don't like this stuff. This is but a small piece of what otakudom has to offer....

Well, chansu signing off! Be sure stick around for Day 2's antics!!



  1. Hey there. I was actually one of the guys helping out with the panel, and I've been scouring around trying to find the pictures taken before the panel of the whole group doing the transformation poses. Do you have any idea where I might find them? If you do, please send me a message. My facebook id is caurena, and you can find me as djkidna on the Animazement forums or

  2. Hello djkidna! I will keep a lookout for the pictures you mentioned, but we didn't have a camera on us the first day so we have no pictures to speak of.

    Thank you for reading our humble journal!




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