April 16, 2010

Need Money Advice??

Look no further I have compiled data from various anime in order to give you a handbook of money making and saving tips!

Do you feel like you're down in the dumps? Been gambling away your life savings? Or have the loan sharks been knocking at your door lately? Well have no fear, you can be rich in less than ::cough cough:: days.

Step number one: Envision yourself rich. Once you envision the goal every action you take will be toward getting to that goal. ...I like to envision this whole picture.

Step number two: Do something! Do anything to get closer to your goal. Anything's better than being a Madao though... And you thought I was going to say pinch every penny... Sometimes you gotta let the little money get away so you can chase legitamate amounts of money.

Step number three: Turn your talents into money. If you like to dabble in alchemy transmute some money. If you dabble in computer science create the new gaming system.

Step number four: Only spend your money on your goals. Only spend money on worthwhile persuits. Also, be careful of gold-diggers, even if someone as sexy as Faye asked you for money you just have to say no.

Step number five: Recruit followers, even recruit your friends to help you make money.

Step number six: Money buys any little trinket you want. Even balls with stars in them. And you were thinking I was going to tell you to wish for money using Dragonballs. Hey to each his own. In your world there might be a loophole where you can wish upon little glowing balls, but only if they're attached to... (I don't wanna get sued).

Thank you for reading,
Good luck on your Quest for Money!

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