March 22, 2010

MMORPG Corner: Dofus and Dofus 2.0

Hey ya'll, I'm here with one of my personal favorites of the MMORPG universe: Dofus. There is no debate revolving this game, because there is seriously no other game like it! Without further ado, let's begin!

Dofus and Dofus 2.0

Storyline: The story is a simple one if you don't go into the details (that actually exist!). You are an adventurer in the World of Twelve. You hear of the legendary dragon eggs that provide one with insane powers, called Dofus(es). One day the eggs are reported missing, and they are up for grabs! All you must do is chose from the 12 classes available, learn the ropes, gain power and a loyal team, then you're ready to head out and find the treasures of legend! Of course there is much more to the story, but it's an MMORPG. Who plays solely for the story? It is also worth noting that the quests are very involving at times, and also somewhat high on the difficulty meter. It's best to train above the quest level requirements first.

Music: The music of Dofus is very unique: flighty and witty, sometimes monotonous but always adheres to the tone of the area you are in. Each of the 12 classes has their own theme song, each area has it's own theme, and many other places and battles have their own specific music. You may not be into the whole folkish and light music, but then you really shouldn't be playing a game like Dofus.

Graphics: This game is done ENTIRELY in Flash. The graphics are, of course, in Flash as well. Every area (since the 2.0 addition) is lush and amazing to look at. The battle effects are amazing even after the 1,000,000th time you've casted the spell. The backgrounds sometimes hold amusing details that I won't spoil, and the 12 classes and monsters have a cartoony look. It appeals to those who don't want another "Dark-and-Dreary Online."

Playability: This is the substance of the game. Imagine a world where you didn't just point and click to attack monsters. Imagine a world where strategy and skill outweigh (most times) level and strength. Imagine Dofus' turn-based strategy battle system. In theory, a low level can use their brain to beat a high level character. All the monsters have unique AI and most times challenge the players to build a team with sufficient skills to trip them up. And did I mention the 12 classes? In my opinion, Dofus has the most playability in the MMO arena because of it's choice of classes. Everything from the Archer class (Cra), the beserker (Iop), the tanks (Feca and Sacrier), the drunken masters (Pandawa) and much more. It will take you a long time to get bored of what Dofus provides.

A look at the battle system of Dofus. This player is taking on a mid-level dungeon in a place called Otomai Island.

Dofus has recently been given an overhaul in the form of "Dofus 2.0", which in reality is a new version of Dofus. It stands alone from the previous version and allows players to begin anew in a redone World of Twelve, with all new EVERYTHING: character design, monster design, area design, interface, and animations. This shows Ankama's (the game company) dedication to it's players. Dofus has led me back to it more than 4 times. I just can't find a replacement. Ankama has made a game that cannot simply be lifted and repainted to look like the standard WoW clone. No one can make a game like Dofus because it has such unique attributes to it. It may not appeal to everyone, but it certainly appeals to me and it is worth a try.



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  2. I won't lie, the logo of this game alone has me intrigued. Reminds me a lot of Maplestory and all those other Korean MMOs I played back in the day. I might have to give this a try if for no other reason than for a bit of nostalgia, if I can ever get myself to stop farming Black Desert gold, that is.



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