June 2, 2022

Red Velvet - Feel My Rhythm - Mini Album review

At the beginning, KPOP girl group Red Velvet introduced a dichotomy in their music, the ‘red’ concept being youthful and colorful and the ‘velvet’ concept being soft and mature. But seeing how they are now; it is evident that they learned and grew with that foundation in their musicality. Still the same, but better. Let’s get to know more about their new mini album The ReVe Festival – Feel My Rhythm.

Seven months after releasing their EP Queendom last August 2021, they came back with this adventurous mini album on March 21, 2022. And this album was the sequel of their The ReVe Festival Trilogy from 2019, where the worldwide-famous song, PSYCHO, was part of. The teaser for the title track “Feel My Rhythm” was posted last March 17 and it immediately drew the attention of both the fans and the KPOP community. Bach’s Air on the G String can be heard in the introduction.

Feel My Rhythm showcases Red Velvet’s musical color, but more on the ‘velvet’ side. ReVeluvs have mixed reactions. Some totally loved it and there are also some who gave their honest criticisms. But despite wordy evaluations, a lot of fans praised how beautiful the songwriting is. From the word ‘Festival’ in the album’s name, fans concluded that these tracks are a confession, and also a celebration. You can say that it is one of Red Velvet’s most comforting and empowering songs so far. And it was so perfect for Spring.

And now, let’s talk about the music video. First, it was aesthetically gorgeous, with the concept and styling. Irene, Seulgi, Wendy, Joy and Yeri all served stunning visuals, as always. There were some people who were creeped out with the bird-inspired costumes. But overall, the comments were fairly positive.

Though the title track has received mixed reactions, most ReVeluvs agree that the B-sides are immaculate. Rainbow Halo serves the usual Red Velvet pop genre. Beg For Me seduces with its sexy and dance-y sound. Bamboleo surprised the fans with its city pop genre. Good, Bad, and Ugly pleased with the typical R&B style. And last, but not the least, In My Dreams proved to be a fan-favorite with its elegant and melodious sound.

The ReVe Festival – Feel My Rhythm mini album has been considered 2022’s best KPOP girl group comeback so far. Basically, it sold half a million copies in Red Velvet’s 8th year, at the height of KPOP’s 4th generation era, proving its relevance in the industry. Embodying the group’s maturity upfront, there’s still so much to be discovered or left to imagine in this album. This may be the start of Red Velvet's 2022 takeover and another great addition to any playlist!

November 22, 2021

One Piece vs. One Punch Man --- Review!

While One Piece is considered to be a part of “The Big Three” anime, One Punch Man also does not lag behind and could be considered a part of the “Big Three” shonen anime that recently came out. Both One Piece and One Punch Man are considered the best shonen anime of all time. Filled with breathtaking action, phenomenal storyline and a large number of characters, both these anime are loved by anime fans all around the world. Let’s talk in detail about both of them now!

One Piece --- The Story

Gol D. Roger was considered the strongest pirate who had sailed the Grand Line. However, he was captured and executed by the World Government. Before getting executed, he told the world about his hidden treasure, One Piece. All the pirates started looking for One Piece and wanted it all for themselves.

Monkey D. Luffy was one such pirate who was looking for One Piece. However, he had no comrades, not even a ship. He was able to befriend a number of strange people, adding them to his “Nakama”. Now, Luffy and his Nakama must travel towards the Grand Line in order to get their hands on the legendary treasure, One Piece.

One Punch Man --- The Story

The story of One Punch Man revolves around Saitama who is a boring man. All Saitama wanted since his childhood was to become a superhero. To realize his dream, Saitama trained hard day and night. His training paid off and he became extremely powerful. He was able to defeat huge and powerful monsters with only a punch. 

As time passes by, Saitma gets bored of having weak monsters as his opponents and wanted some thrill in his life. Genos, a 19-year-old Cyborg who had been observing Saitama told him that he would like to be his disciple. He also registers Saitama and himself as a hero so that they could be recognized. Will Saitama ever be able to fight any opponent that is stronger than him?

One Piece and One Punch Man

How are they like each other?

Both One Piece and One Punch Man are action-packed with a huge number of very unique characters with different powers. The action scenes for both the anime are just jaw dropping. Both Luffy and Saitama are extremely powerful and can take any enemy down. The background music and Osts for both of them are also quite enthralling. They make us feel things and create a certain hype as well. 

Is this the end of our anime duel?

While One Punch Man’s animation is better than One Piece’s animation, the cast of One Piece definitely beats One Punch Man’s. Initially, One Piece’s animation was not that good. That’s because it came out in the 90s. It’s animation is extremely good now. On the other hand, One Punch Man’s animation has always been good. It’s really hard to compare the two because both of them are on par with each other. However, One Piece’s fan base is definitely greater. They might disagree with this!

T.M. Revolution and Kpop group AOA!!!

 And it's a pretty cool collaboration. The Heart of Sword singer does a pretty good job holding his own with female Kpop idols. 

It's his Otakon swag! (Don't tell anybody we said that)

November 14, 2021

TikTok Wipe It Down Challenge #Japan #Korea

Featuring some of the best compilations of TikTok's #WipeItDown challenge from Japan and Korea! Check it out!

Jpop VS. Kpop videos

 What do you all think about Jpop versus Kpop? Should we focus more on Kpop on our blog?

For everyone who is curious, check out the videos below for some Jpop vs. Kpop action. 

Can you tell the differences between Jpop and Kpop?



November 12, 2021

Best Anime Shifting Realities Subliminals on Youtube


Shifting realities is when you enter a state of consciousness where you have felt that you entered another world. Most people shift realities before falling asleep or before or after a nap. Some people can shift realities by meditation and mindful relaxation. Once I shifted realities and I didn't plan it beforehand. I felt like I was talking with and fighting a character like Birdy the Mighty. Another time I had a dream that I replaced Inuyasha as Kagome's partner. Those experiences felt so real, I didn't want to go back to my regular reality. Well, to make shifting realities easier and more conscious we compiled three subliminal tracks from Youtube that will speed up the process. Listen to the subliminals when you are tired or want the sound to wash over you. Before you know it, you'll be shifting reality to your favorite anime world!

November 11, 2021

Seven Deadly Sins Review

Seven Deadly Sins deals with a very interesting concept, “The Seven Deadly Sins''. It’s the kind of Fantasy anime that will hook you right in from the start. With a vast number of characters with unique personalities, Seven Deadly Sins is pretty popular amongst the masses. If you’re interested in knowing more about the anime, then read on!


The story opens in a world which is similar to the European Middle Ages. The ruler of the Kingdom of Liones has been overthrown by a group of some corrupt Holy Knights. Elizabeth Liones, who is the princess of Liones sets out on a journey to find the Seven Deadly Sins in order to get her Kingdom back. However, her journey is full of unknown dangers and struggles. Will she be able to find the Seven Deadly sins and will they cooperate with her?

The plot of Seven Deadly Sins is quite straightforward. There are no confusions, twists or turns. That’s why it’s fairly easy to understand. 

The story of Seven Deadly sins also focuses on different relationships like love and friendships. Both the concepts are beautifully fleshed out and are something you should look for in the series. 

Overall, the story of Seven Deadly Sins is just perfect. It also has a very low filler rate of about 4%. So, it’s a 10/10 for us!


Seven Deadly Sins features a large number of characters. All the characters present in the series have different personalities and unique powers. The Seven Deadly Sins are a very interesting set of characters. There is a visible character development in them as the series progresses. Each character has his/her own backstory. All the backstories make sense and we get to sympathize with the characters as well. So, the characters are well written as well as well-executed. We don’t have anything to complain about in the character department of this series.


The animation of Seven Deadly sins is quite unique when you look at it. The character designs are different from that of an average anime. They look beautiful nonetheless. The action is just phenomenal. The movements are also very fluid and easy to follow. When it comes to the background and scenery, it’s very colorful and pleasing. 


The music for Seven Deadly Sins is pretty decent. The openings and endings are just average though. They;re not really memorable but we won’t mind listening to them with each new episode. Overall, music isn’t the strongest aspect of this anime but is still pretty good.

Should you watch it?

With 4 seasons and 100 episodes, Seven Deadly sin’s fan base is growing more and more. The fans can’t wait for season 5 to come out already. We loved watching seven Deadly Sins because of its unique storyline, interesting characters, great animation and decent music. We’d definitely recommend you to watch Seven Deadly Sins as well. You won’t regret it!

November 7, 2021

Anime Lo-fi Tracks for Chill Rainy Days and Other Things

Have you ever wanted to just relax and play some lo-fi while studying, napping, etc? I know we have. We noticed that lo-fi also comes in the anime variety. So sit back and sample some of these catchy lo-fi tracks. Relaxation and de-stress are gauranteed!


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