April 18, 2016

2nd Prime Time: Hero --> ULtd.

2 n d   P r i m e   T i m e

H e r o   U n - l i m i t e d!

What's your idea of a hero? Most people think of Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, Aquaman, The Living Flash, Spiderman, Cyclops, Jean Grey, Rogue, Storm and the list goes on and on. In American culture, these are the best of the best. They fight the bad guys, and win. They "kick ass and take names", as they say in North America. They're the unlimited heroes of comics.

Through communication with aliens, the mangaka in Japan have created a newer kind of hero, a better one. Referring to the early process of creating animation where Looney Toons was the standard cartoon. After that, around the time of Toonami, anime took over in pop culture and the fires of anime are still churning for bad guys to go right into. Though this is just the humble opinion of a random RPG loving otaku. That new hero, that burns baddies slowly is actually, maybe a weaker hero compared to the superheroes of the west, right?

They are the limited heroes. That, or Comic-con doesn't need NYAF to keep their attendance records (or do they?). The limited heroes are the shounen heroes of manga. They come from humble beginnings and are made fun of daily, before they actually become heroes. Even after that, they're always self-conscious about who they're fighting and why...

Short answer:  Because they were made fun of.

Long answer:  Because they are the limited hero which actually means that they're NOT heroes.

That's summed up best by Monkey D. Luffy: "Heroes have to share the meat..."

And began with Goku, Sailor Moon, Inuyasha, Yusuke Yurameshi. They all don't want to share the meat... Especially Inuyasha (gomenasai) (^^;)

Being that they're not heroes, makes them limited heroes. That's why they don't always have the "great power" that vanquishes all enemies no matter how strong or terrorfying. That's because they're gonna have to fight over dinner, over a hotpot or yakiniku preferably (It's Japan...). They need friends, unlike Superman in his Arctic Fortress of Might where he longs for friends (though that would make anyone very good... or evil).

When they're on their way to the top, they fall down. The stronger ones, get back up only to fall again and again. See they're only as strong as their mangaka (hehe). In explanation, they're always either getting into it with villains or actively seeking villains to make congruent to goodness (kick their butt). We should all know that, especially since most of us are always getting into it. The limited hero is cooler than because they would save you or me, given the choice. And the limited hero would probably get older while doing it, as opposed to being immortal like Superman or Batman.

The question is:  
Are you a limited or a unlimited hero? 
Are you an Otaku for life?

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