January 30, 2016

Side-tickling Types of Humor and the Anime World

Humor, the ability to laugh and make someone else laugh, is one of the best ways to be the best person in the room.

All over the world, with its movies, tv shows, and cartoons, laughter is in high demand because we all just want to feel good while watching TV.

Does milk really come out of your nose when you laugh???

Types of Humor by 
Character and Anime

Urahara Kisuke from the anime Bleach

English dub has some funny yet violent Urahara jokes...

Japanese dub shows Urahara as overly positive, like people who are good at Zingers!

Urahara is the only anime character I could find who executes Zingers almost as well as an American comic. Since the "zinger" is more purely American humor than actually from Japan or anime.

Zinger - A joke that follows a serious tone or awkward situation that serves to lighten the mood and make the listeners lighter and happier. These jokes can keep the flow of positive energy on the speaker and their speech.

Shinpachi Shimura from "Gintama"
Shinpachi is always using "straight-man routine" because his character is a "straight-arrow" good guy.

Straight-man routine - The blunt and forward reaction to either a solemn or outlandish topic or situation that makes the speaker assume the role of a "straight arrow" person. People relate and might laugh because of the situation's unusual weight on the speaker.

Gif version!!! (See of you can get the joke from the animation)

Monkey D. Luffy, One Piece anime

Luffy, the class-clown kind of guy who will be the Pirate King one day!

Class-clown / Star-of-the-Show - These jokes always come from a speaker who is the most popular character and they're either witty in general or are so outlandish in their critique of something else that the whole room is uplifted to the same popularity that the speaker enjoys and employs. :D

Goku from the DB, DBZ, DBGT, etc... series...

Goku from DBZ exemplifies "Class-clown / Star-of-the-Show" humor because of his outlandish reactions in the Dragon Ball world that show his easy-going optimistic personality.

Okabe of Steins ; Gate

Okabe frequently finds himself in situations where the other characters are trying to intimidate him... And he tries to be intimidating to be funny but it doesn't always work. It does make him look funny and like a good person.

Intimidator - These aren't always jokes but they are somewhat threatening in nature so that the person that they're directed to is laughed at because of their inferiority to the speaker.

Mio the main character of MM!

Mio from MM! is pretty intimidating and she's got the ability to be funny because she makes the viewers feel her rage!

Awakawa Under the Bridge

This is a great example of "Intimidator" humor that makes the viewer laugh but they're not really intimidating her. (They are tough guys in "tough clothes" lol)

Sakata Gintoki
Anime:  Gintama
Gintoki's cutting and witty remarks kind of make him a "pure host" because all of the other characters in Gintama look to him for moral support. Whenever everyone else looks to you for moral support, you've got the ability to use "Host" or "Hostess" humor in the real world!

Host / Hostess - The speaker controls the room or the other characters by happily patronizing as many of them as possible at once, usually with a combination of other humor and some kind of innate, natural based charm.

Suzumiya Haruhi from "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya"

Haruhi has the "Host" or "Hostess" kind of personality that makes everyone around her either laugh out loud or really comfortable, maybe even uncomfortable!

Saito from "Welcome to the NHK"

Saito is very sarcastic and very sardonic so its really hard to tell which one he is more. That's what makes "Welcome to the NHK" popular, funny, and well-watched all over the place.

Sarcasm / Sardonism - Use of either a very forward tone in a difficult or laughable situation or the disparate comparing of two very different ideas while shedding a pretentious positive or negative light on the conversation topic to the audience. Always downplays the situation or the topic at hand.

Natsume Yuu-jincho

Nyanko-sensei, the calico cat pictured, is a sarcastic talking cat that accompanies Natsume as his familiar, kindred spirit, or even as a guardian angel (but the Japanese people would rather say "familiar" for animal or "kindred spirit" for angels).

Neko-sensei and Natsume react sarcastically to something that someone says to them. They're a great team even when Nyanko has to sock it to Natsume.

Chi's Sweet Home

Chi always has cute reactions that make me laugh!

Cute / Moe Humor - Almost forgot one, this kind of humor is about lighthearted and warmhearted laughter after seeing a cute scene, cute character flustered, or a cute person in a funny situation!

When moe characters fight it's almost seen as funny, right??

"There you have it..."
"Shall we review the evidence?"


Does anyone get the Gintama reference here? Comment or Like  if you get the reference above...

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