December 17, 2015

You Can be Extroverted and an Otaku!

The Ouran Host Club!!!

Life as an otaku can get pretty boring. You probably eat, sleep and live to watch anime or marathon your series. One's outer life seems fleeting as friends and family wonder if you'll spend some time with them. All us otaku want to do is live more meaningful anime-trope themed lives and love the otaku way...

Don't let other people have all the fun in life. They are not the envy of the party because they're inherently cool, it's just because those seemingly extroverted people are popular now... You've got it in you, as an otaku, to actually, "Be The Best!" Your months and/or years of slaving away in front of the HD screen are actually in your favor! (fingers crossed)

( ̄^ ̄メ)\(_ _ ;)

To spruce up your "Mundane-Days", try to talk more. Even if you're introverted and/or shy don't let that stop you. If you think about it, spending time outside of your inner Universe can only help your cause, right? So when you go to the store or are out and about, try to talk to at least one new person. Even if they talk to you first or even try to, you can make the best of the moment and "GO!"; as they say in those popular shounen anime.

Start off with some chat or small-talk. Be as charming and anime-esque as possible in your native language. Even more, add an extra catch phrase like, "That's awesome!" or "You can count me in!". Even if you can't put in those anime-esque que phrases, try your hardest to make a new friend. Remember to ask for his or her name. Then if possible even ask for his or her number or email address. Try to see someone you like again!

Ichigo and Rukia from
Don't take anything for granted because today's world isn't about mystery confrontations or missed connections anymore. Get to the point and have some fun while you're out there, showing up!

The world, and maybe even the Universe, was made for people like you, passionate otaku in the way of anime characters. Watching anime and reading manga is what the authors of those media want you to do so that your "Mundane Days" could be transformed into the inner glow of the anime or manga star! Don't be surprised but if your parents or family know anything about your otaku ways, they see and understand the goodness of anime, even if they only watch a few minutes of your favorite show with you LOL.

When you finally become more extroverted, talkative, spontaneous and "social", the world will surely appreciate your own "SPARKLING" self! The Otaku Reviewers knows this for a fact!

Have an awesome day! The one that you want!

Also this is a cool relationship-themed AMV from:
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