November 26, 2014

American NEETlihood

                           Are America's best and brightest young people becoming NEETs?
What is keeping young people from working, going to school, or going to training?
Is it the economy? Is it apathy or fatalism? Are our dreams bigger than our means?
Read on for more....

Every year, a large number of students graduate from high school, college, and graduate school. But now more than ever former students are having a hard time finding jobs in their major or interest. 
It's frustrating to say the least. And many former students are becoming NEETs. NEET is a term that originated in the U.K. which means "Not in Education, Employment, or Training". The term is also used in Asian countries like Japan. In fact in Japan a whole anime was created that was based off the NEET way of life. Though, in this anime the main character is a hikkikomori. A Hikkikomori is a person who is a NEET for more than 6 months and has no plans to try to change it. If you're interested in the anime see HULU to watch it.

The question I am raising here is, will these terms have to be introduced in America? America's ducked this naming system, preferring to sell students a dream where if they go to more school, they'll become successful. But after all of this school, people are still becoming NEETs whether it's after a bachelors, masters, or Phd. If you suspect that you may be a NEET, let's use a better definition. If a NEET is a person who is seeking work but also living off their parents, then our country might very well be full of NEETs. 

What's going to happen to the people who are at home, waiting for the big break? Well one thing is for sure, NEETs hurt the economy. This has been tested in Japan. When people become NEETs they don't contribute to the workforce and they become a black hole for the money of those that support them. In other words they don't put money back into the system by working or supporting traditional business (like buying a car or a house). It seems like this is happening in reverse, here in America. Since the economy is not doing good, the workforce is getting smaller and more people are forced to become NEETs. And if former-students are giving up they're also not being counted with those who are unemployed a number which might actually be higher than what officials say it is.

So should we reform the system or should we reform ourselves? The answer isn't clear.

Young people need to stop being apathetic now more than ever. If you have a dream and a goal, keep working toward it despite the economy. Just like in "Welcome to the NHK", go out there and make something. It's not a time to give up and blame the economy, especially since the economy is run by rich guys who definitely are not NEETs. Young people should keep trying to find work and trying to achieve their goals. Because, there won't be a person of the opposite sex who stops by your place to make you a member of society. 

Remember, don't give up on your dream!

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