February 4, 2012

RPGHero's Rants

I'll begin with some motivational posters that I really liked...

Most girls will reject you this way, especially if you're otaku enough like RPGhero

Most girls are OK with this though, using force that is...

Poor Sasuke...

Mini Review of Clannad the Second Season
Clannad is a love story about a delinquent who makes friends with a shy classmate, and later chooses to be with her. Clannad was originally a dating sim, so Tomoya chose Nagisa over all of the other girls that went to his school.

The second season was about their life together after Tomoya graduated high school. 

There are many ups and downs in their relationship as Tomoya struggles to prove himself to Nagisa's family and as he tries to reconcile with her father. ...And Nagisa wants to have a baby! That's about all I can say without spoiling too much.
 Watching Clannad After Story is more of a learning experience than a run of the mill anime. As you may have read in Deretsun's review, "Key" is a very unique studio. Their specialty is known as "Key Magic" or the ability to enhance the dramatic story formula so much that your heart begins to bleed for one or more of all of the characters. So much so that you might have to consult your doctor if you have heart issues, just kidding lol. The ending of Clannad After Story is very heartwrenching. So if you are looking for a learning experience in life, then watch this anime! Just have some kleenex or puffs tissues handy!

Chansu though had some issues with the mechanics of the ending, you know him always analyzing anime like rocket science...

Here is a hilarious quote of Chansu's thoughts about the end of Clannad... It's a spoiler so you'll have to click on to get to it...

The ending was stupid. I don't know which part they "did it with the dream" (had sex in a dream? what?) but they didn't explain jack CRAP. They never truly bridge the gap between the two worlds (like wtf why is Tomoya a robot in that world?) and why is that world really in existence? They make it seem as if they world is just a metaphorical representation of the real world, but in the end Ushio is really some teenage girl in another world? Then that raises the question: Does Ushio even know she's that girl? Is that girl in the other world some kind of sentient pseudo-existence simply trying to propogate itself in the real world by manipulating Tomoya through mass delusion? The fact that I have to even try and guess these things (and that these guesses are even plausible) make the ending stupid. In short: "Deus ex machina".

Key Producer: Hey guys, lets make this shit as SAD AS FRICKING POSSIBLE, KILL THE TODDLER!!!

Key intern: S-sir, if its that sad people will be upset with us...

Producer: Oh shizz, well let's do BEST OF BOTH WORLDS (literally)! Fucking kill the girl, but then have her dream self rewind time with the power of miracles! The city just LOOO000oo000OOVES Tomoya and Nagisa!

Intern: You're fricking nuts. The fans will think you screwed them over...!

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  1. >.<!!! Stop insulting Clannad!! Argh... appreciate Key Magic you two... Grr... and would it kill you to put some SPOILER warnings? It's such a great anime despite the sub-par ending so don't ruin it for everyone!! Mattaku mo...



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