March 26, 2011

:::Tsundere Spotlight:::

Hey everyone! This TSL goes to none other than Victorique from Gosick!

I'm sure you're all aware of--wait what, you're not? Have you not heard of the simply awesome moe-filled mystery anime called Gosick? Well then! It's time for some background then, isn't it? ^^

K: じゃあー はじめましょうか。
R: Jaa~ hajimemashouka?
E: Well then, shall we begin?

"The year is 1924" and our main character, Kazuya Kujo from Japan, appears in Sauville, "a small European country neatly tucked beside the Alps" for a study abroad program. Eventually he meets our second main character, "the mysterious Victorique" (ふしぎなヴィクトリカ / fushigi na Vikutorika), at the top of a very tall library tower.

The library is probably the tallest one you'll ever see in anime.

And did I mention there was a garden on top?

Plagued by boredom and forbidden to leave the tower without permission, Victorique gets really excited to see Kujo and makes him an object of her amusement right away: "You were chosen... As a single fragment with which to fill up my boredom." She makes him dance, bring her candy and more importantly, tell her of the mysteries and exciting things of the world which she cannot see.

Victorique is a genius hidden among the books of the tower. Very few know of her or her ability to solve crimes so simply by "reconstructing the chaos" in her mind. What adventures and mysteries of the European world will we see in this anime? How far will Kujo go for his new-founded friendship with this kawaii tsundere? Will the mysteries never end? You'll have to watch Gosick to find out! =P

Since you now know the background of Victorique, let's move onward to the Tsundere analysis! ^^. "Massugu, GO!" (Manabi Reference).

Victorique's voice (ヴィクトリカのこえ / Vikutorika no koe), which is very cute, is done by none other than Aoi Yuuki (who also voices Mio from Kaminomi)!

Her character design is extremely moe (とてももえ / totemo moe) mainly due to the flexibility of unique European style + Japanese/tsundere personality.

"So what tsundere type is she??" She's my favorite type of tsundere: she has a shy and sensitive tsuntsun side and a moe deredere side. Her polarity is evident in every episode as opposed to a complete change over time, but as the story progresses so does her tsundere personality.

So if you have time, don't forget to check out Victorique from Gosick! If you don't have time--MAKE SOME! =P

Time for some Tsundere/Moe snapshots! :)

Stay tuned for next time!!

Thanks for reading!

Oh, and of course, a parting picture ;P

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