October 27, 2010

Two Hundred !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In "English" that means CHEERS!!!
We've reached TWO HUNDRED posts!
Let the rant begin...
(Chansu and Deretsun let me have the honor of writing the 200th post so I'll try not to let them down and I'll try not to let you down too)
Let's see. First of all I'd like to thank all the people that clicked follow and decided to subscribe to our blog in cyberspace. I remember Dave Chappelle had a comedy skit where he compared the internet to a physical place well if this would be a physical place it would be the most awesome place in the WORLD!!! Well I guess it would be like a high school anime club or something. Right Deretsun?! I don't think it's as awesome as the anime club at our alma mater though...

Hmm what I was thinking when I started this blog?? That I really could make a blog that would inspire people's dreams and cure their boredom and that it might only apply to Otaku and Japanese culture enthusiasts. I think I have not been living up to my dream for this blog :(

While I learned alot about Japanese culture by writing about it, creating insightful posts, and sharing Japanese music videos... I haven't gone far enough! So as part of my rant I'm going to also give the State of the Blog speech. I.E. What I plan to do with the blog in the future.

1. I promise a lower ratio of music videos to insightful posts! I'll try not to be like an actual politician though and follow through on these.

2. I plan to have a contest or giveaway! If the blog reaches 100 followers! So get your friends to check us out!

3. Chansu promises to draw out our spokescharacter Shiyu-chan (you can find her as an icon on the sidebar) when we reach 10 followers and give her her own page if we reach 25 followers! That is a big deal guys! Especially since she is MOE!!!!!!!

4. I promise you all that when any of us create a manga or graphic novel you'll be the first to know! You might say... so?? But also if you have a manga or graphic novel we can totally co-sponser each other. Not competitively reviewing each other but co-sponser out of LOVE!

5. I plan to make a weekly post called "Inspiring the Dream" where I'll talk about some anime/Japan/video game/etc related thing that can inspire anyone to be a better person or help others! Inspired by my mentor who is like Jiraiya to me (and I try to be more like a Naruto for!) (Naruto fans would get that).

6. I plan to cosplay a much cooler cosplay at the next convention!! Chansu is thinking about cosplaying too.

7. I plan to have another weekly post called "Who's Who You Should Know" which will talk about a person that's defining the world of creative Japanese and American Otaku or Comic culture.

8. I plan to have a regular post where I'll post a quote from anime/manga/video games/or music and ask people to comment and guess where that quote is from. If you play and you're the first to get it right you get to choose the anime/manga of the week. Just comment and post the anime/manga you like.

9. Anything else you'd want just comment below and let us know.
There you have it!
But yeah there is more I want to talk about...

I thought I said the battle was OVER! Goku already won!

Well one thing I wanted to talk about is the new Travel to Japan Sweepstakes! I think everyone should enter the sweepstakes and have a chance to win a trip to Japan!

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