August 12, 2010

Anime Peeps I Care About by RPGHero

This segment is a biography segment on anime characters that I like. And I can make you like them too! Without further ado I bring you:

Today's segment is about Hiruzen Sarutobi

Why, you ask, do I care about the third Hokage in Naruto. Well we have two things in common. One, we're both super diesel smart ninjas who know thousands of jutsu. Two, we're both around 5'4 and so we're like twins in different dimensions haha. Well I might have exaggerated our common traits alittle only because I'm 5'6. And no I'm not lying (T.T)

Well I did cover a few important things about Hiruzen in that first narcistic vain comparison. Most importantly that he's one diesel short guy. Our man, the Third was nicknamed "The Professor" because he knew every ninjutsu ever, with the exeption of some of the forbidden ones that involved using another human's body parts or the like. He took on two of the previous Hokage when they were summoned by Orochimaru like a boss!

His summon seen above is the Monkey King Enma. Did you guys ever notice that in Naruto almost every summon creature is like their summoner in some way or another in appearance. It's easier to tell with The Third, Naruto, Jiraiya, and Orochimaru. Well I do not know if Tsunade looks anything like a slug. Anyway... The Monkey King Enma can turn into a staff thats as hard as diamond. Also, Hiruzen was able to summon a Dead Demon Consuming Seal (that seemed scary like the grim reaper haha) in order to seal Orochimaru with himself and his previous masters in the afterlife I guess. That is a jutsu that only he could know how to do in the heat of battle.

Wikipedia has a stats system that score ninja in Naruto by a combo of things including ninjitsu, taijutsu, strength, intelligence, etc. Hiruzen's score is 34. In comparison, Kakashi's score is 34.5 and Naruto's is 26. This scoring seems to be based on kinetic power and not potential. Just for more comparison Jiraiya is 35.5 so anything past 34 is crazy strength in Naruto.

That is all I feel like summarizing for more information check out the wiki article.

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