May 16, 2010

Chansu's "Manga by Chance" Issue 2!

So you thought I would quit, did you? Well, you are mistaken, fellows! “Manga by Chance” is in its second issue, with bigger, better, and exactly the same type of stuff as before! Get ready to experience manga you probably never even heard of! So prepare yourself to experience the awesome power of…

“Manga by Chance!”

Guess what, my fellow manga lovers: today’s “Manga by Chance” happens to be all about shoujo manga. Most of you probably already know what shoujo manga is and its general demographic: young female manga readers. As opposed to seining manga, shoujo manga is generally aimed at the lower end of the otaku spectrum. But because of that it’s easily accessible to people who are just getting started with the stuff! You’ll find interesting yet somewhat cliché storylines, girls with HUEG (yes, I mean HUEG) eyes and boys that are designed to make girls hearts flutter. But once you get past (or thoroughly enjoy) the feminine feel of shoujo manga, you get endearing stories and sometimes even worthwhile laughs and such. Now, on to the reviews.

Penguin Brothers
By Ayumi Shiina
[categories – Drama, romance, action, comedy, shoujo]

The story begins with our female protagonist Hina Mishima, who has just moved to another town. She lives with her uncle, a famous artist that moves from place to place on a whim. But her new high school greets her with a surprising twist: the student body is divided between two groups, the White uniforms and the Black uniforms. With new friends in tow, Hina uses her tomboyish strengths to attempt to dissolve the rift that causes the strict separation between uniformed groups. This manga is chock full of plot twists and hilarity, with the occasional romantic encounter! Highly recommended!

Strobe Edge
By Io Sakisaka
[categories – drama, romance, comedy, shoujo]

Ninako Kinoshita is a normal girl. She’s a little dense, but makes up for it with her kindness and good judgment. But when it comes to love, she continually questions what it’s even like. Initially she begins to feel that she is attracted toward her childhood friend Daiki, but one day on the train she meets a classmate, Ren Ichinose. He turns out to be the school’s “idol” that all the girls love. Ninako is then set on her road to self-realization: what is love, and how will it lead the lives of Ninako and her friends? This story has a realistic, entertaining feel and will not disappoint!

You can find this one on !

Well folks, that’s all I have for today! Get reading on your manga because there’s more to come!


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