March 1, 2010

Super Mario Land

Where are all of my old samurai out there? Do you recognize this game?

That's right, it's a game for the original game boy!
Boy that sure does take us back to the good old days...

What quality!

I'm sure we all remember winning this game hundreds of times over. And even on the hundredth time playing it still manages to get your heart beating fast when you're chased by a goomba off of a chasm to nowhere!

I'm going to give the first video game review on our website and what better game than the one that ignited our handheld gaming world as we know it!

I'm RPGHero and my reviews may be different from those of Chansu. I'll review by five categories, each having a 20 point max score, and give the game a score out of 100. I think that this way is better than out of 10 because it gives more room to recognize awesome, hand out epic fails, and separate the mediocore games from the champs.

My categories are: Storyline, Music, Graphics, Playability, and Innovation.

Super Mario Land for Gameboy

Storyline: The storyline is simple. The princess is kidnapped by a villian named.... Tatanga. You were thinking Bowser right? Well this game takes place in Egyptian lands. You must save the princess. For an old game that's 18pts of goodness.

Music: The soundtrack to this game is not the well known and well loved mario soundtrack. Many of the tracks and riffs are Egyptian themed. None of the tunes get you sock hopping when you put the headphones on though but for an old game that's 17pts.
See why the scores that high

Graphics: The graphics are great for a game that debuted in 1989 on the original game boy system. Alot of people give this game crap for its graphics but they weren't even in high school in 89, let alone out of diapers for most. The computers back then were bigger than your tv... At least in America. The graphics however could have been better as we all know some games for gameboy have outdone themselves. Awarded 15pts.

Playability: This game is a great game to play. It gets your adrenaline flowing when you're being chased by a koopa off of a chasm that seems to lead to your end. When you're bored on a car trip take this baby out and win it at least five times before you get there, old samurai know what I'm talking about! It is challenging but very winable. Some people have won it in under 13 minutes but for most of us it takes a bit more than that. Anyone can play it, young and old. The only drawback is it's shortness. This game deserves 19pts.

This phenom beat the game in under 13 minutes, WARNING SPOILER!

Innovation: This is a harder category to judge because it measures or tries to predict how this game will or has innovated the world of video games. What has it brought that is new and cool to the table. Well Super Mario Land had furthered the domination of side scrolling Super Mario games as the first ones had already came out by 1989. It had also boosted the success of Nintendo's game boy as one of its signature games, up there with Tetris. For that this game gets 20pts.

Total: 89/100 A-
Do you think this grade was fair, post your own review under this one and give Super Mario Land a grade! 
Depending on your responses Super Mario Land can get extra credit or negative credit!

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