November 22, 2016

We Are X - The History of X Japan

About two weeks ago, I was in Houston, TX to see We Are X, a documentary about X Japan. I was excited once we made it to our seats, but even more so when the lights finally went out. 

It started out at the very beginning with Yoshiki, the band's leader and drummer/pianist, when he was a child. He lost his father to suicide when he was ten years old. By the time he was in high school, he started X Japan with his best friend Toshi, the vocalist. It was the tragedy of Yoshiki's past that inspired the music and lyrics that have become the classics that many X fans know and love today as well as new music he composes, even though he has some problems with his hands. 

Before seeing We Are X, I had wondered why did the band break up when they were so successful? Why is Yoshiki still performing even though he has hand injuries? What's the truth about hide's death? What caused the reunion after so many years? 

When I heard about them in 2006, I looked everywhere for the answers, but only heard them from other fans, some of which made things up knowing new fans would believe anything. Ten years later, my questions were answered by the band in the 94 minutes I spent watching the film. One I had always known the answer to, another no one believed when I said what most likely happened and the others were only half true answers I got from other fans online Throughout the whole documentary, I felt so many things at after another and I loved every second of it.

I may be biased when I say everyone should see this documentary, but that's what I seriously feel. If you have any love for Japanese music, especially Visual Kei bands, you will most likely enjoy this.

Interested? Check out the trailer below or visit the official We Are X website for more info.

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