January 8, 2016

Anime Review: Ao No Exorcist (Blue Exorcist)

Warning: This Anime is NOT Recommended
Because it diverges from the manga...
When you watch an anime there are certain things that we all look for. They are as follows: Character Development, Artistic Appeal, Opening and Ending Originality and Interestingness, and Plot Complexity. These are our FOUR anime judging qualities and by reviewing this way we can avoid spoilers, I think. So let's begin!

Character Development
This anime diverges from the manga, very disappointing. Up to episode 15 or 16, the story is the same as the manga and all of the main character's stories are put out there. This pertains to Rin and Yukio and their adopted father, Fujimoto Shiro. Shiro is a priest and also an exorcist who is like a father to Rin and Yukiko at great cost to himself. Since, their real father was the devil. After this point (episode 15), it's all up in the air as to what's really from the manga.

Artistic Appeal
Rin's voice actor is Nobuhiko Okamoto who also voiced Origami Cyclone in Tiger and Bunny and Niizuma Eiji in Bakuman, if you know those. Yukio's voice actor is Jun Fukuyama who also voiced Guache Suede in Letter Bee, Watanuki in xxxHolic, etc. They make good brothers haha. The artistic appeal of the show is good. The conceptualization of the different demons from good ones to evil ones was clever, and added a Japanese twist to what you would think is a evil spirit.

Opening and Ending Originality
The openings and endings are alright. The first opening was UVERworld and was very cool. But soon after the opening was changed, and was made to fit an anime with no real plot...

Plot Complexity
Again, this show diverges from the manga which is a disappointment. Anyone can wonder why. Was the manga too sacriligious to be exposed via television in it's fullness? Is the creator and co. trying to get a following for the manga or a newer anime? Who knows? The plot isn't complex, after episode 16 you don't really know anything else about Rin and Yukio's adopted father Shiro. This is why I started to watch the show because his involvement with them is suspenseful and shounen. He's like Jiraiya in Naruto. But then the show goes on to some filler plot...

The Gritty: Don't Watch
Unless you just like sacriligious anime with cool shounen overtones.
Fanlib: "That's right girls worship the spawn of evil"


  1. Dang Not Recommended? Harsh but I guess I have to agree, the end is a real letdown. But Rin = Niizuma Eiji? Fun fact is fun haha

  2. shiro the adopted father DIES at the end

    spoiler alert troololoolololololololloloolololol



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