November 18, 2015

Shounen Hero Diaries pt 4: Jinny Rummy

It didn't go so bad. All he did was make us talk and hug it out... again. Then he went on and on about how important it is to feel great and enjoy friendship. The guy, principal, was a loser in person but I heard that he once fell into the school's cellar which is under the school. Then cried down there until he had to be rescued by some girls. Then they all fought a serial killer that lived there or something, going by the code name "Jive Turkey". As if he couldn't have called himself a, "Kickin' Chicken"!

All in all, the principal wasn't timid at all for someone with a fake right arm. After it was all over, he opened the desk drawer and gave me a gold pin then proceeded to get on both his knees and bowed face down to the shag carpet floor.

"Please take this pin! Wear it always!" He exclaimed.

So I put it on, no big deal. Then the Vice opened the door, walked right in, and grabbed the principal by the hair and pulled him off the ground.

"The pins are for V.I.P students, right? And all students get one if they're V.I.P?" The Principal said, kind of seeming like he was making up all of that in a flustered rush of emotions.

"It's new..." The Vice said sternly, looking at both me and the principal.

I looked at Principal Acer. The principal was crying. He had tears in his eyes. He was holding back a grin. As I left, and I looked back once, he was slapped by the Vice Principal.

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