October 10, 2015

Recommendation: Kotoura-San

Winter Season Anime Recommendation
First of all, this is an anime recommendation of a new winter season anime. So I can't give you guys any more spoilers than what's in the first episode and I can't review it because it's not finished. The best way to watch new anime though is to go to www.crunchyroll.com where you can watch new anime just as long as you watch small commercials too.

This anime is one of the best of the new season, if you're looking for a slice of life, school days, slight fantasy, love story. We know the type, there's Clannad, Toradora, Angel Beats, etc. This one seems more like Clannad to me though.

The main character is a girl named Kotoura who was born with the ability to hear what other people are thinking. She also has a bad habit of blurting out whatever she learns about another person. The combination of her ability and bad habit have made her into a social outcast. Her family had even disowned her, with the exception of her grandpa who she lives with.

 That's until she heard the wrong guys thoughts. Actually, she was able to see what he was thinking about her. The picture above is actually one of Manabe's thoughts. Manabe is his name.
 Though surprised by his perverted thoughts, she was shocked that he had no feelings of prejudice or hate toward her. In fact most of his nonperverted thoughts are really positive and happy.
 Can they really get along with each other? Will they fall in love?
Watch Kotoura-san to find out! I highly recommend it as a new winter season anime!

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