November 1, 2011

Vocaloid Track of the Whenever I Feel Like It {S2} 12

[I can smell your excitement.]

Hello Vocaloid enthusiasts! Oh, I can imagine how you've waited for another installment, for I am here to deliver just that! Welcome, all, to Vocaloid Track of the Whenever I Feel Like It (Season 2) -- 12! Preclude to the end! Or the weekend? Who knows... maybe I ate a bad mushroom. Or are we all bad mushrooms...?

Have no clue what I'm talking about? Then venture forth, and discover today's two songs about the apocalypse and fervent gossip! Where are you looking?! Click below for more, you! Click!

Hey you! Yeah, you, the passerby with little interest in a heretic like me! The world is going to end today. Beware! The world will be steeped in warfare and destruction the likes of which we've never seen... then, what will become of your feelings of love? What will you do to keep your feelings alive, youth? -- This is the plot of "The Weekend is Coming!" ...

We've sure been getting a lot of apocalypse scares recently... Wait, you're confused? Well, any Japanese person would laugh at the well-played pun. Look closely:

"The Weekend is Coming!" = "Shuumatsu ga yattekuru!"

Shuumatsu = 週末  = Weekend
Shuumatsu = 終末  = The End

So, if you don't get the play on words, the only difference between speaking of the weekend and the apocalypse are in the kanji writing.  Pay attention to the context clue; you may accidentally desire the end of the world after a long week of school!

Kagamine Rin, a young school girl, struggles to cope with the changing world in one of's great works (See "Eternally Fleeting Burning Bird" ...) The tune is an extremely catchy 8-bit melody; And the song is a great example of lyrical dissonance -- Kagamine Rin's childish voice (bear with it throughout the entire song!) and the upbeat tone of the song, unusual to, are a huge contrast to what's being sung... it is dark wry irony at its best. But even at the end of the world, when your love has been taken and adults tell you to give up... 

The end is coming!
I didn't care if that stuff was true
The weekend's coming!
I didn't tell you my helpless feelings...

Kagamine Rin - The Weekend's Coming!

And now, time for something a little more light-hearted... or is it? It's best not to believe everything you hear...

Mushrooms! Delicious... on pizza! But there are some mushrooms that, you know, aren't for regular consumption. Wait. What are you thinking of? Of course, I mean poisonous mushrooms! Spreading their spores, growing on the heads of everyone you know, and eventually your own... such disgusting mushrooms! Don't let them grow...?

"Mushroom Mother" is a twisted, trippy song with many possible meanings. The most popular interpretation is that mushrooms are like "hearsay" or gossip... spores (lies) spreading everywhere, growing on (or rather, in) other people's heads, molding their opinions. Unstoppable armies of mushroom-heads! From this song you can tell Miku really hates mushrooms! The name of the song is probably a play on the "Your momma" jokes that fadded out in grade school. "Well your mom... your mom's a mushroom!" I apologize in advance for the weirdness that is the PV that follows.

Note: "Nyoki-nyoki" is apparently the sound effect for the growth of plants, in this case for the technically-not-a-plant mushroom?

Hatsune Miku - Mushroom Mother

That's it for this time's installment! Which one did you prefer? Drop your response in the comments!



  1. Hauu~ kawaii~!!! :).

    I think I like Rin's better :). Rin is too cute <3~

    Chibi miku were also very cute so it was a hard decision lol. The deciding factor were the videos =P. If Mushroom Mother had a normal/better PV I might've liked it better lol.

    Thanks for another long-awaited VTotWIFLI! :)

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