November 12, 2011

Anime Review: Natsume Yuujinchou

Today I will review:
Natsume Yuujinchou

When you watch an anime there are certain things that we all look for. They are as follows: Character Development, Artistic Appeal, Opening and Ending Originality and Interestingness, and Plot Complexity. These are our FOUR anime judging qualities and by reviewing this way we can avoid spoilers, I think. So let's begin!

Madara as Nyanko-sensei
Natsume Yuujinchou means Natsume and the Book of Friends. The book of friends was left to Natsume after his grandmother passed, inside it are names of Youkai or Lost Spirits that she has made to be her servant. Like her, Natsume can also see youkai while most normal people cannot. Natsume has been haunted by this and by the youkai that want to take the book of friends by force. However, Natsume made friends with a powerful cat spirit named Madara and nicknamed Nyanko-sensei. Nyanko protects him as he goes on numerous quests to find out more about the world of youkai, his grandmother, the meaning of the book of friends.
Nyanko-sensi as Madara

Character Development
Natsume yuujinchou is a slice of life anime. Some aspects are shonen especially when Nyanko-sensei fights off the other youkai. The true purpose of the anime is to be a slice of life anime, so the main focus is relationships. Natsume meets many different youkai some of whom are friendly, some need time to warm up, and others are not friendly. Natsume forms connections with ALOT of different youkai over the 39 episodes or so that are out so far. Natsume also makes human friends which is challenging for him because he is always interrupted by youkai...
A Youkai Party

Artistic Appeal
First of all, Nyanko-sensei is voiced by Kazuhiko Inoue. The voice of Hatake Kakashi in naruto and many other tough guy characters. This anime is a piece of his seiyuu prowess because he plays a witty high pitched cat. And wow Natsume's voice actor Hiroshi Kamiya was Mephisto in Ao no exorcist which is a stretch of the imagination too. The visual art in this anime is also amazing, the style is unique and tries to be realistic in terms of hair colors and faces. The youkai are drawn with a flair of imagination.

Opening and Ending Originality
My favorite opening and ending
The openings and endings of this show are very calming and relaxing. Even the one I posted is calm, for being the most up beat opening of the whole series. Whenever you need to relax just watch these openings and endings... 

Plot Complexity
This anime is more of an episodic anime. There's no overarching quest that the characters are facing that continues. In fact this anime takes a break after every 13 episodes, I'm currently hoping for the next season to come out. With each season more characters are introduced and in the last season some bad guys were introduced which is interesting. Each episode is a new story and has a really good plot and substance. Character development always continues in this show. It's a great show to watch when you want to relax or when you want to be intrigued. Some of the supernatural occurances in the show made me think about life. That's why its Slice of Life!
Overall: Recommended
Because Natsume's friends are just like you...


  1. lol doesn't this remind you of inuyasha??

  2. Yeah it does actually... But this isn't about fighting as much as Inuyasha is lol. It's like if youkai are people too...



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