October 20, 2011

Anime Review: C - The Money of Soul and Possibility Control

Tonight I will review:
C - The Money of Soul and Possibility Control
When you watch an anime there are certain things that we all look for. They are as follows: Character Development, Artistic Appeal, Opening and Ending Originality and Interestingness, and Plot Complexity. These are our FOUR anime judging qualities and by reviewing this way we can avoid spoilers, I think. So let's begin!

C. is a show about what the world would be like if the world's economy was run by a hidden esoteric alter-economy that uses the future as trust. Basically if you are one of the chosen few you are given an living entity called an asset which you use to battle other people and their assets. In other words, The Economy: Shounen Battle Anime style. The main character, Kimimaro Yoga, is a high school student who is suddenly visited by a supernatural man in an expensive suit who tells him that he can live the easy life IF he accepts to use his future as collateral for it. He pressures Kimimaro into it with information that his missing father was a part of this world. If you want to know more, WATCH THIS SHOW!
The Mysterious Overlord of the Future Collateral Stock Market

Character Development
The show is only 11 episodes long but I think that they were able to compress a lot of character development into it. There are limitations, for example they can't go deep into character's family history or many of their hobbies but those are not needed. Character relationships are few but intense. The main character's missing father provides a lot of mystery and his relationship with his asset, Mashyu, is very intense. There are many rivals. This show has everything you need! In a short amount of time!
Kimimaro and his asset, his future, Mashyu
 Artistic Appeal
I was told by Deretsun to include voice actor appeal and this is where it goes! I will only go into the main character voice actors. Mashyu's voice actor is Haruka Tomatsu and she is great at sounding cute! Kimimaro's voice actor is Koki Uchiyama who is also Midnight in Fairy Tail and the Japanese voice of Roxas in Kingdom Hearts, he is good at sounding like a good guy and can be intense. The visual artistic appeal is very cool, they use CG and they use it well. 

Opening and Ending Originality
The openings and endings are the best I've ever seen. They chose great songs! The songs fit the show well, I think. Anyway, the songs they chose are epic, you'll look forward to watching these every episode. You might even want to watch them now!
RPG by School Food Punishment (ending)
Matryoshka by Nico Touches the Walls (opening)

Plot Complexity
The plot is very complex. You will be delighted because this is the type of shounen show that you'll want to keep watching but then since it's only 11 episodes you might be disappointed. Most of the plot revolves around an esoteric stock market that uses both Future and Money as collateral so you'll learn a lot about the stock market, in fact you have to know some basic stock market terms to follow the show. Just know that money loses value if there is nothing backing up and you'll be fine.

Overall: Recommended!

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