June 6, 2011

Dream Chasers!

Are you a dream chaser? 
Like a shounen hero.

Take this simple quiz to find out.
1. Can you summarize your recent actions with a one-sided conviction?
Yes = 1pt No = -1
Shounen heroes most of the time have a one-sided conviction that keeps them striving and moving from one action to the next. Ex: "I'm gonna be king of the pirates!"

2. When you fail, do you get emotional?
Yes =1 No = 0
Shounen heroes get emotional when they lose a fight or when something goes wrong that takes away from their goal. Ex: "Ichigo Kurosaki after losing to Grimmjow" 

3. Do you find that the right people somehow become attached to you?
Yes =1 No =0
Usually when a shounen dream chaser is chasing their dreams, people somehow become attached to them. Either to join them or the be their rival. Ex: Naruto's ability to make friends out of the comrades that ostracized and his ability to negotiate with Pain/Nagato.

4. You find that when you are doing something potentially risky, you feel excited and full of energy.
Yes=1 No =-2
Shounen heroes always love the thrill of the battle, the journey, or the challenge. Ex: Yusuke Yurameshi always loves to fight stronger opponents.

5. You believe that how things turn out depend only on you and not on others.
Yes=1 No=0
Shounen heroes don't normally depend on other people and don't blame other people for failures. They know they can change the future and the world!

5 = Shounen Dream Chaser!
4 = Chasing your dream!
3 = Working on the dream!
2 = Needs inspiration!
1 = Quickly make up a one sided conviction! i.e Pirate King
0 = Average person.
Negative number = Are you a shounen villian? The Akatsuki is always hiring.


  1. I guess I'm "quickly making up a one-sided conviction" like that one-eyed pirate lacking a jaw. He's looking right into my soul, saying, "you and I are one in the same, buccaneer!"

  2. I bet he is saying that to you right this minute.



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