April 7, 2011

Rant by RPGHero

Are you noticing a trend? RPGHero is starting to rant more and more often. What does this have to do with reviews? Nothing.

As you all do not know. I gave up watching new anime and almost all forms of anime for roughly 50 days as part of some religious tradition. Apparently I thought anime was such a great influence on my life that giving it up would be comparable to walking in a desert. Well one thing is right, anime is a great influence. One thing this taught me is that I'll never give up being an otaku, ever! Another thing is that maybe next time around I'll give up something like chocolate haha.

But seriously anime is the BEST. I do allow myself to listen to music when I'm home and I've been listening to Easy Go.

This is so awesome, it's making me miss watching Reborn. I'm not watching the video I put above but I remember the part where Tetsuya Kusakabe is just running hard with Lambo and I-pin in his backpack, awesome (diesel). That is what anime is about just running through obstacles with no abandon for enemies and protecting the people we care about. That is what makes anime awesome. The courage of Japan is portrayed in the art of anime.

I thought I could be more like that if I gave it up but that's not the way. I might miss the themes of anime more. The truth is that I was always like that, even when I was watching anime and even when I'm not. That's what people need to know, if you want to be something, you're already it. Nobody can tell you you're not your best, you're already your best. Just REALIZE.

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