February 27, 2011

Anime Peeps I Care About...

Today's Anime Peep I Care About comes from 

That's right! And my peep is Isao Kondou! Katsura was so last year OvO
Isao Kondou!! Holding his Valentine's Day Gorilla-choco, most likely given to him by Princess Bubbles, a gorilla who likes him.

Who is Isao Kondou and why is he the focus? Is it because of brotherhood, courage, or honor?? 

Why yes, Kondou is a fine leader of men. He leads the Samurai Police force, the Shinsengumi.

Everyone in his group looks up to him as a leader, which I think is pretty darn amazing, if you don't know what I mean I'll get to that...

Kondo is one of the biggest sources of comedic relief in Gintama. Even while being a fine leader of men, he's the most foolish guy in the show. He fell in love with a bar hostess, Otae-san, who he stalks and she enjoys beating him down. See the awkward fully exposed nut kick on the left. In fact, Kondo's character is the only character to hold the record for most often fully exposed or exposed (naked) in general. Even shamelessly exposing himself in front of the middle school aged Kagura and also Gintoki to prove his point. After which Otae kicked him for doing so...I got the picture!

Kondou is the character with the least luck in Gintama. But! He's well-liked, unlike Prince Hata, who's also got bad luck.
A picture of Prince Hata

Kondou, you can count on him for anything. He actually reminds me of me. Even without the exceptional bad luck with women and being nicknamed "Master-or-Bation", Kondou still reminds me of myself. However I don't think I'll fully expose myself to anybody I don't really know but I think I have even that checked off too. 

But still he is a good person.

Kondou was once called the best person in the Shinsengumi. Everyone in Shinsengumi remarks about his "good nature" and his "nice disposition". That's because when they were being oppressed by the aliens Kondou stood up for them and practically saved them all. There's a kind yet strong force behind Kondou. That no matter how many times he's made fun of or kicked in the nads, he's always going to smile it off. Well when the pain wears off at least. That's why Kondou's this year's Gintama peep I care about.

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