January 26, 2011

Chinese New Year

It's almost February 3rd!
The Chinese New Year is almost here!

The chinese zodiac tells the story of the order that animals appeared before The Enlightened Buddha to worship him. 

The year approaching on Feb 3rd is the year of the Rabbit. The rabbit was said to have been the fourth animal that appeared before Buddha. Alittle about the Rabbit (who's year I was born in) is that he or she's patient, well-mannered, gentile, shrewd with business, and intellectual among many more traits. It is said the animals personality would be the type of year that would be experienced... more or less...

What does this mean in Japan?
The Japanese celebrate a holiday called Setsubun or Risshun on the same day as the Chinese New year. Setsubun means seasonal division. During Setsubun the celebrants basically do things to purify the house of evil spirits and bring in the spirits and forces of luck. Such thing are included such as scaring evil spirits with masks, throwing soybeans out of the door to drive out evil spirits with them, and eating a soybean for each year of life, with one as good luck. It's both a festival of purification and of celebrating luck in Japan. Usually the man of the house or the male who's birthyear corresponds to the Chinese zodiac animal will do most of the activities, especially throwing the beans and evil out of the house.

What does this mean for you?
According to your sign you may have a really lucky year or you might have to watch your back next year. But really just do both ok, or whatever you normally do ^^

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