December 11, 2010

RPGHero's Top Ten Shounen Anime Openings

RPGHero ranks Shounen Anime Openings by a few criteria. Actually the only cred this has is the ranking.
1) How many battles involving main characters and powerful enemies are in the opening? The more of these the higher the rank.
2) Does the opening have to do with the arc that the story is in currently? Closer to what's going on in the show is higher.
3) Do the scenes and the music mesh together so what you are watching/hearing seem like one distinct entity? I.E. you will think that the music was made for the anime and the anime scenes made for the music.
4) Does the opening include main bosses? More main bosses the higher the rank.
5) Do the lyrics correspond to the arc? Closer to the story = higher rank.
6) Does the main character or supporting main characters use high level attacks? I.E. the cooler the attacks shown the higher the rank.
7) Overall Epicness. Enough said.

10. Yu Yu Hakusho Opening (Full)

9. Dokan Dokan Paradise - Dragonball Kai

8. Jap - Sengoku Basara

7. Detarame na Zanzou - Blassreiter

6. D-technolife - Bleach

5. Paper Moon - Soul Eater

4.  Tie!
Listen to the Stereo - Katekyoshi Hitman Reborn and Gekidou - D.

3.Hakanaku mo Towa no Kanashi - Gundam 00

2. Tie!
Kokoro No Chizu - One Piece and Golden Time Lover - Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood

Sign - Naruto Shippuuden

Naruto isn't even the main focus of this opening (Spoilers ahead). Sasuke and Naruto's mentor Jiraiya are the only characters with fights. Sasuke's being the main reason he wanted to be a ninja, to get revenge. Closes a whole climax for the show. Naruto is shown losing control to the beast within him and then gaining control at the end, after his mentor had *gulp* passed, as he cries a single tear. Definitely one of the most epic openings in all of shounen anime. *Did I mention that Jiraiya's toad summon swings and rips part of Pain's summon Cerebus' head right off??

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