November 3, 2010

RPGHero's DaiScoop!

Yes there it is! Another regular post from RPGHero!

DaiScoop means BigScoop! Like when reporters talk about the next big story they filmed or wrote...

Today's DaiScoop is titled:
Abridged Anime Series on Youtube, Something American Fans are Good For
We all know that NicoNico is like the Japanese youtube, where there are many cool things that ordinary people created about anime, jpop, and other Japanese memes. When you look at our youtube what you'll find dedicated to anime are comparison videos, random people live talking about their favorite anime, fandubs, and other stuff. According to my sources the best thing that we can do with anime and youtube are Abridged series. Whoever started this trend started a pretty good one. Abridged Anime series are quite possibly the only way that many Americans are able to watch popular anime because they're short and hilarious. 

Abridged series are best when they try to stay as close to the real story as possible but pick out quirks about the series and characters and make jokes about them that fit well with how the story actually works. They are worst when the creators make something that is nothing like the story or characters just to push a cheap joke. And there you have it! The informative part of this post. Now lets check out some abridged series.

These DragonballZ Abridged episodes were created by "TFS"
Just check one out and you won't watch a full episode of DBZ ever again ;)

Check you Yu Yu Hakusho Abridged (Yu Yu Hakusho actually is one of my favorite shows)

Check this one out it's the funniest Yu Yu Hakusho Abridged Ep 

Here's one of Bleach... The voices aren't as accurate...

And One Piece...
Remember when I was talking about better and worse Abridged series'. Well this one isn't that good. It's funny though if you like references to real people.

If you liked the DragonballZ abridged series I recommend watching them! And subscribe to thier creators TFS.

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