October 11, 2010

What About the Reverse?

These days everyone's wondering why American film companies and Hollywood are acquiring anime and manga to develop into live-action motion pictures... We were all scared when we thought Zac Efron was going to play Light Yagami in a potential Death Note film but were relieved when it did not develop on the time frame they suggested, hinting at a possible fallout in production.

But what about the reverse? It seems like there are some cases where Japanese anime production companies are buying recreation rights or partnering with American cartoon and comics companies to create ANIME based off of American stuff.

Here are a few cases:

Powerpuff Girls has been turned into an anime called Powerpuff Girls Z
Check out the opening

The show is played by Cartoon Network Japan. Cartoon Network planned to show it all over the world, however I must have not been paying attention when it came to the US.

Iron Man is in progress to become an anime and will be released this fall in Japan...

It'll probably be in the US pretty soon. America doesn't like to give away it's stuff without getting it back...

The same thing with Wolverine

Many youtubers have noticed the difference between the Japanese adaption version of Wolverine and the tried and true American version.

Those are just a few cases that I know about...

There's also many fan artists who take it upon themselves to animefy American cartoons...
Some of the cast of Peanuts recreated as older anime characters ^^

Dexter from Dexter's Laboratory

The Cast of Scooby Doo in Anime Style ^^

(All of these images were borrowed from Deviantart and found on the NeoGAF forum, click the link for more)

Now I think I'd watch many of these cartoons again if they were remade into anime and rescripted by Japanese producers!

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