October 5, 2010

Vic Mignogna Facts!

Dedicated to the King of Voice Acting!

#1) In the above photo Vic's eyes look red because he had a staring contest with the SUN. The sun looked away...

#2) Some people don't know what they'd do if they met Vic, but according to 'sources' people like Richard Cox wouldn't know what to do if he met Vic Mignonga.

#3) If Chuck Noriss' voice and Vic Mignogna's voice were in a battle, Chuck would run away before his voice died.

#4) It is rumored that Vic Mignogna soothed a bloodthirsty hungry lion to sleep with a lullaby rendition of "We Are!"

#5) One day we will live in a world where people will make love to Vic Mignogna's music and english covers of Japanese songs.

#6) In Vic's world of warcraft commercial he forgot to say that if the camera crew made one wrong move the beast he was controlling would destroy the city.

#7) Ever wonder why Vic looks so muscular? Well that only 10% of his muscle tone. (Think Toguro from Hakusho or Master Roshi when he boosts his muscle tone!)

#8) Vic can beat most people in a fight with that 10%.

#9) When Vic took the Edward Elric role it is rumored that after reading over the script he called Central and told them they found his autobiography.

#10) Vic was rumored to have turned down the role of Goku from DBZ because he didn't want to portray a weakling.

There you have it Vic Mignogna FACTS.
If you are wondering as to whether or not they're true you must ask Vic himself by activating the "Gate of Truth" or going to the next anime convention he agrees to bring into fortune.

And let there be no beef, comparable to east and west coast rappers, when comparing Vic Mignogna and Richard Cox.

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